Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tannie smells the Gerbers

My mom made me pose and nibble on these Gerbers...I really wanted her to whip around the feather stick in my kitty condo. It is hard being me! =^..^=

Monday, August 29, 2005

To Spencer...

To see the most beautiful photo tribute to a very handsome dog, please visit curio's web site. All the kitties at the Whippy Curly Tail blog send out their most affectionate purrs to Curio & Daniel.
xxx ooo
Blackie, Tannie Man, Miss S, Belle Kitty, Happy Cat & MC,

Tannie Man Toes

Ginger snap toes. One of my most favorite pictures of my beloved Tannie Man! These little cat toes can rush around the house in a moments notice and then leap from great heights from one cat tree to another. =^..^=

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Friday, August 26, 2005

Ilustration Friday: "Dreams"

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of today's word, dreams, dreams of love! Enjoy... =^..^=

Thursday, August 25, 2005

By popular demand, here's Blackie...

He is the sweetest boy. Always being picked on by Tannie Man and Miss Simba. He also sometimes fails to follow through with his jumps onto the bathroom counter and finds himself in the bathroom trash can--freaked out, but unharmed. =^..^=

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mattel Hot Wheels, Kitty Racecar Fans!

Gentleman Kitties start your engines. The boys just love Pablo’s vintage Hot Wheels. I even got carried away last year and purchased my own set of Hot Wheels on eBay!

Tannie Man is the Dale Earnhardt Jr. of the track. He will run himself ragged chasing the cars around the track. Blackie has bursts of energy like the drag car racers. He will suddenly leap out from nowhere and take out a car or run around the track like a madman.

Click over to visit Mattel's Hot Wheels.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Curio's Spencer... not to be forgotten

"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."
--S. G. Colette

Blackie, a fearless Kitten

As a kitten Blackie was fearless...we caught him in the act of one of his jumps. I love this picture. Today he still jumps around the house, but not as fearless. Go B Go! =^..^=

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A friendly Spotted Face

Today I was running some errands, like picking up cat food for the furry gang and met this nice doggy!
Doris Faye was sunning herself outside the local grocery store. Very friendly gal.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Family Pet, Chessie Dog

1962, what a great moment...the purest reflection.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Ilustration Friday: "Reflection"

What's Illustration Friday? It's a new illustration every week based upon topics suggested by other illustrators from around the globe.

This is my first time to participate. I got creative with Miss Simba's profile, note while she is reflecting...another kitty from the right side in looking in doing the same. I hope you like it.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tannie Man's Window to the World

Once upon a time we lived in a 1940's duplex in the toasty south. My Mom would go outside every night and water the lawn. This bay window was my perch. Mom took a picture of me one day. Boy, I miss that bay window and the pesky squirrels too!


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A New Day...Belle Kitty

Miss Belle greets a new day with a morning roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Look at the choppers on this cat...mousies run for your lives.

Photo by Pablo Picasso


Furry Friend "Shout Out" to Alley Kitty & Gold Kitty

Here are 2 picures of some local kitty friends. Alley Kitty is hunting for Easter Eggs. Those legs in the picture, are those of Alley's favorite friends Miss K and Miss C.

Next you will see Mr Gold Kitty celebrating one of his famous birthdays, complete with a yummy birthday cake. Those legs are of his best friend Miss Lizzie Bean. We hope to have photos of these furry friend's faces soon, as they are very pretty kitties!

=^..^= & =^,,^=

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tannie Man, mom's little Helper

Today we had a little issue with getting the internet router to work after the big rain storm last night. You see here my furry friend Tannie Man... always ready with a helping paw. His role was to look under the table and make sure he could see all the power cords.

Job well done Tannie Man!


Monday, August 15, 2005

Pablo the Pet Photographer...Miss S

My brother is a very talented kitty photo taker! Above are a set of 4 photos he took of Miss S.

She is in a basket I bought from Target especially for the kitties. I found that every time my mom sent me box in the mail Tanner would try to squeeze his furry body into it. So naturally I had to get the kitties their own special "boxy" basket and line it with fluffy towels.

Funny Miss S is usually not in the basket, since Tanner patrols it as his own. On this day the sun was shining on her and Pablo caught her in the act of a "kitty sunbathe"...

=^. _^=

Hi I am Belle Kitty

I love to chase Happy Cat. He just looks me in the eye and the chase is on. More about me later. Do you like my tiger throw? It is very toasty. Happy Cat can be found under it when he is in "cat cave" mode. Meow!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mamma Cat's Summer Vacation

Momma Cat reposing at Big Mamma's Ranch. Temporarily christened "MC's Place".


Ying and Yang

Mother and son having the traditional siesta at Pablo's place

=^_ _^= =^_ _^= zzzzzzzzzzz

Blackie and Tanner when they were Kittens

I have gone pet bloggin mad today. I just found this cute polaroid of the boys when they were small.

Check out the that quilt...I got that at a flea market for next to nothing. Yikes, look at all that pink. No wonder I have gravitated to blue and green this year in my decor.

I think Tanner is ready to do damage to my scanner if I don't log off soon. He has his whippy tail on and is giving me dark evil looks. My clicker cord is not looking too safe either. Enjoy the little kittie's baby pic!

=^..^= =^_ _^= >^,,^<

Momma Cat & Happy Cat, Nose to Nose

Mother and son in repose, nose to nose! Momma Cat is spending time with my mother at her house, while Happy Cat plays host to Belle Kitty. Belle was found abandoned in our neighborhood. Belle Kitty photos to follow in the next week.

This photo was taken by my brother with his Nikon digital camera. =^..^=

Pablo's Mamma Cat with Flowers

These are 4 pictures taken by my brother of his cat Momma Cat, known as MC. The tulips were a gift from my mother. MC loved to pose with the flowers. I thought she would try to eat them--but I guess they did not smell very appealing! Enjoy.

Miss Simba's eBay Quilt

This is one of my most favorite pictures of Miss S. My brother took this photo with one of our digital cameras. I bought this quilt on eBay in 1999. My yearlong obsession with eBaying for quilts has paid off for all the “Whippy Curly Tails”.

You will soon see kitty photos to come with various quilts as colorful backdrops. As I write Tanner tried to lie down on my laptop and then decided a nearby eBay quilt was more suitable. =^..^=

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tannie Man, What a Sweet Face!

He loves to have his picture taken. As long as he gets all the attention he will pose all day =^..^=

A Lazy Day by the Window!

One peaceful moment. Happy to watch birds go by. Blackie and Miss Simba in the toasty south soaking up some rays!

Vintage Family Photo of Chessie Dog

These were the days! Chessie was the best dog. As part of a military family, she traveled with us throughout the south. She was born in Georgia, I think. She lived with us in Alabama, Florida, Arizona, California, and Hawaii and finally settled in the toasty south. I remember she loved to eat the cakes I made in my Easy Bake Oven!

Blackie, Happy Cat, MC & Tanner

The gang is all here. Several years ago my brother came to visit me and he brought his two cats--Happy Cat & MC (Momma Cat). Everyone got along well, unil the day MC cornered Blackie in a hallway. Since that day this is the last time they were all together. They are watching squirrels and birds--the cats life!

The Handsome Happy Cat

This is the sweetest kitty. Happy Cat has been a constant companion to my brother for many years and is a very loving kitty. My brother took this picture with his digital Nikon.