Saturday, August 19, 2006


I love to watch Mom's blinky.
She is gonna add whiskers later.
This is her first one.

Purrs & twitchy whiskers,
Tannie Man


I feel pretty!

Mom ... I need a kiss please!

Tannie Man


Friday, August 11, 2006

We are all happy The BBB is better!

Hi all ya'll furries,

Blackie is almost back to his normal self. Those drugs really worked well on him. He even takes his pills with no fear. Not me I would run!

All week Mom sat with Blackie in the walk-in closet. So I would jump on the bed and watch Mom pet Blackie. I just don't understand why they were in the closet. She even brushed Blackie in there. It made me very curious. Miss Simba ran in & out of the closet like a jack rabbitt ... she is nuts.

Now Blackie sleeps with us on the bed at night!
Tannie Man


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blackie is not well ; (

Dear Furry friends,

Blackie has not be well in the last 2 days. He has been to the ER vet & his regular vet. All his x-rays & blood work look good, but his is not happy. Yesterday the vet gave him antibiotics and a shot too! He was a very good kitty at the vet.

He is sleeping in mom's walk-in closet a lot. He eats like crazy every time he comes back from a vet visit. Miss Simba is really sad ... she knows something is not right. ; (

They think it may be his gums or a tooth. But it is hard to tell because his gums are black. We hope the drugs work fast to clear anything bad up & he has another visit scheduled soon. ; )

So please add Blackie to your prayers!

We love him a bunch & want him to get well soon,
Tannie Man (Blackie's brother)


Ps. This is a photo Mom took of Blackie Sunday after the vet visit. He likes to rub his whiskers on those pulls. He never chews on the strings just rubs his nose on them ... that was a good sign!

Friday, August 04, 2006

What ? It's all gone ...

There were some cupcakes in this box & Mr. Tannie Man was very interested in the tissue! We saw Mom eating the cupcakes ... she even licked the frosting off her paws. She is strange ... she likes to eat the frosting first with her paws then the cake part. We wonder about her ... a lot!

Miss Simba ... Oh! I see Blackie walking by ... gotta go jump on him!