Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Garden is HOT !

Mom is trying to post from her iPad. Sheesh it's hard!

Meantime, it's me & Mr King. He is my pal.
Purrs Daisy Jiji.

FYI. Mom watches me when I'm outside. I'm not allowed to go out without her.
Honestly I would not run off.
King says I would & he watches me too!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's All Good in 2011 !

Hello Twitter Furry Friends !!!!

How the heck are ya'll?

We are all very very good ...
1. Blackie is doing great & still getting insulin shots
2. Tannie is getting closer to King, sort of ...
3. Miss Simba thinks we're all odd aka she's the same
4. THAT Little Bunny is suspicious of King ... VERY!
5. Daisy Jiji likes to lay on the cool bricks in the patio waiting for geckos (none caught)
6. Mr King dog will be 1 yr old June 26th & he's the BEST doggie

Some pics of us. Click on the pic to see our furrs up close :

Tannie & King ~ Very rare moment!

Tannie ~ Status quo!

Blackie ~ Good times in the kitchen sink. (I know, but hey ... He loves it!)

Hope you all are well & cool in the heat or just toasty in the cold.
Love from all of us,
WCT's Mom