Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I will always love you Blackie ...

Dear Furries,

My sweet boy Blackie has gone over the Rainbow Bridge today.
I am so so sad & deeply heartbroken.
Yet glad he is in a better place. A place without diabetes.

About my sweet boy ...
I rescued Blackie & his brother Tannie in the month of May.
He & Tannie were napping in a coiled green garden hose.
He was only a couple of weeks old.
Just a baby!

He was the sweetest kitty.  A very independent boy.
Unlike Tannie he was not a cuddler, but he loved to be with me in the bathroom.
He would sleep in the bathroom & purr like crazy when I brushed him on his fluffy bed of towels.
Countless times I would find him snuggled up with Little Bunny in there - cozy kitties.
Because of this, when I went shopping for a house I bought the one with the best bathroom!
Lots of counter space & 2 great sinks to lounge by.
I am happy that for the last years of his life he really enjoyed making the bathroom his sanctuary.

So much love dear Blackie.

I will miss you forever,
Your Momma Cat


Saturday, May 05, 2012

A "tail" of two 'Frackers'

Hello all ... It's me Tannie Man aka Sweet sweet T,

Our friend over at the Rose Jugglers found mom's reference to the Frackers funny.
Mom wishes she could laugh.  (We do!)

So ... Those dogs that live with us spend most of their indoor time thinking of new places to Frack in the backyard.  I think they are looking for ways to better utilize the outdoor space.  (They've been watching too much HGTV I think!)

Anywhooooo.  Last week they dug a super big hole in the backyard.  Mom was so happy they were exhausted that she didn't say, "bad, bad, bad dogs."  Instead she let them sleep.  And they did.  For hours!

This new hole was about 2 feet deep & almost to China per mom.  It's so deep she put an empty pot in it & is planning to plant a big something in it.  (Little Bunny hopes she plants a treat-tree, better known in these parts as kitty-krack-in-the-silver-purple-bag via the nice ppl at Purina.)

Yep, it's a ZOO around here!

Tannie Man

WHERE are the TREATS !?!

Not that real chicken stuff you make the dogs! The real crunchies that come in the silver & purple pouch.

** WHERE ARE THEY ... Please go to the store if we are out. **

Little-est Bunny

We love May!

Hey ya furries,

We are just figuring out how to use the new layout.

This is Miss Simba! She was scared of the sprinkler, but not anymore.

Me, I'm not scared of it. I've got better things to do than worry about water! ... Like chasing moths & chasing Miss Simba. Hee hee.

Always bad in a good way,
The Daisy Jiji