Monday, December 07, 2009

This is my happy face ... Miss Simba Kitty

Hello out there ...

I'm Miss Simba Kitty & I'm a bit shy. Really a lot shy. Quite very shy. I'm shy.

But I heard about Tama-Chan's kittens & the kitty who went to the Rainbow Bridge, so I had to post.

I may be shy, but I think about many things all the time. And I think that those kittens are an example of how life is such a wonderful mystery. I also think that it is a mystery how we are so lucky to have this big life to be together & have wonderful memories. ((((((( thoughtful purrs )))))))

For all you shy kitties out there, go give your favorite HumanBean or other furry friend a head-butt or nose-tap!

It's all good,
Miss Simba Kitty
aka The Shy One



Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dearest Tama-Chan!

Dear sweet Tama-Chan,

Congrats on your 4 baby kittens!!! They are so beautiful. We are so glad you were with your Vet & that you are doing well.

Tannie Man thinks you deserve many pets on the head & a bunch of soft kisses! He also thinks you are thirsty a lot. So he is drinking water in your honor!

Take care Tama & let us know how the little ones are.

Purrzzzzzz to all the Chans!
WCTs & their HumanBean Mom


Sunday, November 29, 2009

"On being cute!" by Miss Daisy Jiji


Big big day today ... by Miss Daisy Jiji,

Dear kitty-kat friends in bloggieville. Home of the tunas & kibble treats. How are ya allz?

We are very very good & are feeling very frisky & furr of cuteness. Here are some snapshotz of us. Mom had a hard time doing these cuz I am alwayz bugging her to play with the feather stick. I LOVE THE FEATHER STICK! I DO. I DO. YES!!!!

1st.  Me & my BFF Little Bunny. She is a very young frisky girl like me. We chase each other lots. But she getz tired of my antics & waps me on the head, a lots!! But we do nap well togetha on the little kit-kat-tree. BIRDS abound out this window!!!!

2nd.  Here are the old boyz ... Look furry carefully & you will see the Sweet Tannie Man way in the back. That's Blackie up close ... Little Bunny's BOYFRIEND. HA!


Last, just lil'ole me. I am being sneaky ... that FEATHER STICK has no clue. No siree. NONE!

Oh yeh, Mom sayz thx pls for visiting us. We love your comments!! Mom reads them on her iPhone in bed at night. Tannie Man does NOT like the iPhone. He will bite it one day ... I know this. I see it in hiz eyes. Green with envy.

Anywhooz. All you kitties get a FEATHER STICK & then mail it to me. OK! Okey dokey!!

Many purrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,
Miss Daisy Jiji

aka Wild Girl

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Love, Love, Love ... Feather Stick!


Happy days are here again ... Mom gots the feather stick out!

Ya ya, oh la la! Ya ya, oh la la! Double click on the pics to us betta, okay.

Here we are ... Me first Miss Daisy Jiji:

Then Little-est Bunny:

Now, Blackie in the back & Daisy Jiji with the feather stick:

Tannie Man workin on his toezies:

THAT Little-est Bunny watching me, below:

Last of all, me - Daisy Jiji, sneaking up on Miss Simba:

Yippee skippy ... We love when Mom has a day off from work for Thanksgiving & stops to play with us!!

She is listening to that Lady Gaga & sings to us. Um, more feather stick less singing MOM.

Purrrrrz & head buts to all of you,
The Whippy Curly Tails (& me, Daisy Jiji)



Ps. We are all very well & healthy. Blackie just sneezes, once a day!! Once. : )

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am the Little-est Bunny & Don't YOU forget it!

That's right ... I am the LB, queen of all I can see. And I see you lookin at me. Hmmm ...

So, we have been very busy round here!

Mom says we are lucky to be purrin & eatin, cuz we all was a sickly bunch ... All but that Miss Simba Kitty! It was really bad. But we are all very well & very hungry. Status quo!

Tannie Man - gold boy, still cuddles with Mom. Morning, noon & night. NO kidding. He l-o-v-e-s her.

Blackie - My main man. I snuggle with him all the time. He doesn't like it. So, sometimes I do my special girl call & we do the faux- you-know-what. Tee hee. Mom has to break us up. Hey, we are both not ready to have kittens & can't. But, well ...

Daisy Jiji - Livin for the water in the tub. She also chats a lot & growls at Mom when Mom doesn't pay attention to her ... Like right now!

Miss Simba Kitty - gold girl, she just hangs around on her favorite chaise lounge & watches TeeVee with Mom. She loves the pets while basking under the mid-century modern lamp ... And baby food. Mom feeds her with a spoon. S-p-o-i-l-e-d that one!

Me - Ever since our flea outbreak, I have learned how to rocket around the house on "high ground!" The fleas are gone - Mom wacked them all on the head & Daisy Jiji chased them out ... Honest, she popped them with her paws. I like to speed around jumping from all the tables, chairs, beds and leap upon window sills or into sinks. I can stop on a dime!

Anycat, hope you all had a really great Summer - We are glad Fall is here. Wind in the whiskers, ya know!

The Little-Est Bunny aka Speed Racer ... Faster than a Flea!!



P.s Click on my purrtiful pic to see my hot wheels aka my toes & my headlights aka my teal eyes!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pink adventures ... Bath tubs & Indoor treetops!


Pinkness abounds in our little fuzzy purrry world ... See these 2 whiskery ones in action:

First up is little bitsy Missy Daisy Jiji, she is really that little. Mom says that if we can't find that little kitty kat, just go look in the tub. Cuz that's where you will find this girl. She loves the water. Honest!

Mom even has a vintage pink washcloth to dry her off with ... Soaked after the game of "let's water the tub, while Miss Crazytown runs around under it!" Mom uses a little water can that is not in the photo. Our girl loves it!!

Then there is Mister Snoozyville. Sweet sweet Tannie Man, the golden one! Check him out below. Enough said right? His goldness keeps those purdey daffodils company much of the time & he stays clear of Miss Crazytown, who loves to headlock him. Yikes!!!

Hope you & yours have had a grand weekend! We have loved hearing from you furries. Mom is procrastinating & will reply back for us later this week. We love ya all!!!

The Littlest Bunny (the grey one)

The Whippy Curly Tails


Friday, August 21, 2009

We love the Fall ... Not Winter!

Helloooooooooooooo all ya'll furries!!

How ya beans been?!? We are loving that it is Fall. Frisky-ness abounds & Mom is up to helping us all blog again. Furray!!!

You can see that the Daisy Jiji is getting into practice for cooking under the lamp on the floor. She loves it there, even if it a million degrees hot outside. Crazy little kitty! Purzzzzzzzzz to all. We are all great & hope you are too!!

All the Whippy Curly Tails ... Tannie Man



Friday, July 03, 2009

the original SCRATCH LOUNGE World's Best Cat Scratcher!

Hellooooooooooooooooo every furry!

How ya'll been?

We have been just fine & all of us are well ... Happy too!

I am getting ready for the big weekend & the 4th of July. Mom got us this wonderful cardboard bed. She says is was very cost effective. So we would like another one. Meantime ...

We would love to hear from every Furry!!!




Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Avatar - Ginger fishy tea


Mom drew this in 2006 ... It's our new avatar! Do you like it?

Mr Tannie Man & Miss Simba Kitty

PS.  See the kitty wrestlin below ... It's funny!


Wrestlin ... Ms David & Mr Goliath!


Hellooooooo All you furries!

The Whippy Curly Tails are doing very well ... Not one of them is "under the weather"! Thanks goodness.

Here is pic of Miss Daisy Jiji & Mr Tannie Man the ginger boy. They have become the best of wrestlin friends. Tannie weights about 12 lbs & Daisy Jiji 8lbs. They are hilarious to watch.  

~ Look at Tannie Man's big fluffy tail in the pic.  This is mid-wrestle.

I truly believe that this relationship has given Tannie his second life. He is so happy. I have even witnessed several moments in which Daisy Jiji has head-locked Tannie in order to give him a complete head bath!!!

I had gotten Daisy Jiji for Little Bunny ... They are both close in age. DJ is 9 months old. Late at night these 2 wild girls run all over the house. They terrorize all the house plants & Miss Simba. No worries about Miss Simba ... She has found high ground & has an impressive hiss!

Purrs & Spring head pats to all,
The WCT's Mom


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Frolicking in the Magenta under a watchful eye

Helloooooo Bloggyville!

We have been very very busy ... Hope all of you are doing well.

See me & Daisy Jiji ... She is the Black kitty & I am the pretty grey girl ...

We will post more later.
Mom will stop by to visit you all soon!

Little Bunny [the grey girl]
The Whippy Curly Tails


Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you hear what I hear - Drip, drip ...


Do you hear what I hear
Do you hear what I hear

Said the Blackie to the little Daisy Jiji,
Do you see what I see
Way down in the sink, little Daisy Jiji,
Do you see what I see
A drip, a drip, dancing in the sink
With a splash as big as a rain drop
With a splash as big as a rain drop!

La, la, la ...................

Miss Daisy Jiji was mesmerized by the splashy drip for long enough to lull her into sleep. {{{yippee}}} The little cats sleeps!

All the Whippy Curly Tails



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daisy Jiji - Thx Sei-Chan

Hi it is me Daisy Jiji,

I am the new kitty here & I am black with a little white pouf under my chin. Mom wanted me to tell you all quick story ... It's about my name ... First here's a pic of me & THAT Little Bunny:

[click on the photo to see us better]

One of our favorite Blogspots is over at Tommy and the Girl's place. It is quite possible that Mom got the idea to adopt me from seeing that cute Sei-Chan. Also THAT Little Bunny needed a gal pal to run wild with ... ME!

When Mom brought me home she kept thinking about the cute black kitty in the movie Kiki's Delivery Service. She could not remember that cat's name. So she let her Mom name me. BUT, then Tommy & the Girls left a message about the same movie ... They mentioned the cat's name is Jiji. So guess what? That is now my middle name. I love it.

Thx to Tommy's Beans for the message! Everyone should go rent the movie, you will love it.

BTW, this is what Miss Simba thinks of me! This is her hiding out, high a top her favorite look out post!

Our Mom has a sore throat ... Anyone have any special remedies?

Daisy Jiji



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tannie approved - Meet Daisy!

Dear Voters & Blog followers ... 

Introducing the new "Queen" of the household ~ Miss Daisy. She has been officially Tannie Man "approved" & has already endeared her sweet self to us, all!

Day 2, her first photo taken from the sanctuary of her own room ...

Day 3, her first nap outside of her room ...

Today, day 6 in the "pink" room, after a breathless romp with THAT Little Bunny ...

Her official portrait "Queen Daisy" ...

Fast Facts about Queen Daisy:

1. She is 8 months old
2. She was adopted from the SPCA
3. My Brother saw her at a PetCo & took me to meet her
4. My Mother named her
5. Blackie was the first to touch her nose - It got in HIS way while he was trying to eat her food.
6. Tannie was the second to touch her nose with his nose - He is such a sweetie!
7. Simba spent 5 days in the top of a cat tree as an observer - She did go out for food & litter box duty!
8. THAT Little Bunny was NOT happy about Daisy. Nope, not at all ...
9. Today, THAT Little Bunny gave in to Daisy & decided she was OK

As a new cat-mom, I have been sleep deprived & thought at moments "WHAT WAS I THINKING!" But then last night I allowed Daisy to sleep on the big bed with Tannie, Blackie & I. Little Bunny & Miss Simba went back to their normal modes of operation & slept in their favorite spots - ALL NIGHT LONG! We all slept through the night. Heaven!

Few more things ...

I have had to rip out a portion of my kitchen floorboard to allow Daisy to wiggle out of the cabinet space that she managed to squeeze into. Seriously ... She is like a tiny little mouse. I could not believe it. Panic ensued & after I tore the kitchen apart, she just walked out looking at me like, "What took you so long?"

During a tense play session with THAT Little Bunny, Daisy walked over to the bath mat Little Bunny was doing the Hidey in & just sprawled out on the mat ~ She proceeded to do a big cat bath. All I could think was how will I explain my visit to the ER after I broke up the fight. BUT, Little Bunny looked at me in disbelief. No growling or hissing ... I think at that moment LB thought, "OK. She wins!"

When Daisy gets really frustrated she grumbles & talks to herself. Usually this involves trying to get up on things or wanting back into the bowels of the kitchen cabinets - Which I have boarded up!!

I am sure I will have more stories ... Until then, thanks for all the votes & advice!!!

We are all very happy to have Queen Daisy ~ Forever.

The Whippy Curly Tail's Mom

; *


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We need your advise - New Kitty !?!

Dearest Bloggyville & Kitty & Doggy world-at-large,

We need your vote & opinion ... Vote over at the poll to the right, after you read this, please.

Our Mom has been thinking that Little Bunny needs a young gal pal to run with in the house. All 3 of us are 8 years old & we love to lounge.  The Little Bunny is a wild ball of energy. 

Mom's heart just breaks when she leaves the house - The Little Bunny sits in the middle of the room, looking sad. She does that silent meow thingy ... Sad, sad, sad.  All of us are snoozing & the Little Bunny is wired & ready to play.

See this sweet little girl, below? 

Well, Mom saw her today AND snuggled with her. Mom's brother meet this kitty too & said she would be purrfect for that Little Bunny.  She is 8 months old & is VERY playful.  Could we be her forever home!?!

What do you think ... Should Mom bring her home?

All comments are welcome & appreciated.

BTW ... Tannie Man is doing VERY well. He is the most patient with new kitties - Even when that Little Bunny showed up.

Many thx for your thoughts,

Ps. I would love it if Mom would bring that sweet girl kitty home - I am just to set in my ways to run with Little Bunny!  Sometimes I must hiss at her to get some shut-eye.  



Monday, April 06, 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine ...

Hilo Bloggyworld ... 

It's me, Miss Simba. Just all stretched out - See me below. (BTW, that Little Bunny is in a photo below ... Go see her!)

We have been very busy & a bit worried. Tannie Man got sick again ... But he is better!!

He has been to the Vet lots & comes home smelling fierce!
All his tests are negative ... The Vet is mystified.
Mom just is happy Tannie feels happy!!!
That's why she has been busy.
We have missed you all.
She posted a song,
U ...

A Spoonful Of Sugar

In every job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job's a game

And every task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree!
It's very clear to see

That a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-own
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way

A robin feathering his nest
Has very little time to rest
While gathering his
Bits of twine and twig

Though quite intent in his pursuit
He has a merry tune to toot
He knows a song
Will move the job along

For a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-own
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way

The honeybees that fetch the nectar
From the flowers to the comb
Never tire of ever buzzing to and fro
Because they take a little nip
From every flower that they sip
And hence (And hence)
They find (They find)
Their tasks is not a grind  ... la la, la la, la ...

Hey that's ME above ... ME with the big eyes & the softest grey coat.
I am fierce too!

Are you all doing the Hidey?
I am, every day!

Little Bunny & Miss Simba -She is the gold one wayyyyyyyyyyy up there!



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flaps up & Flaps down, repeat!


Every furry dance now ...

Here is the doe, back with the bass
The jam is live in effect and I don't waste time
Or the mike if it don't rhyme
Jump to the rhythm jump jump to the rhythm jump
And I'm here to provide
Peace and lyrics to make your shake your pants
Take a chance, come on and dance
Guys grab a girl, don't wait, make a whirl
It's your world and I'm just a swirl
Trying to get a nut to move your butt
To the dance floor, so yo what's up
Hands in the air, Come on say yeah,
everybody over here everybody over there
the crowd is live and I feel this groove
Party people in the house
Move ... (Let your mind)
Move ... (Put me online)

Come on let's sweat, baby
Let the music take control
Let the rhythm move you
Sweat, sweat
Let the music take control
Let the rhythm move you

Everybody dance now ...

Purrz to the groove,


/ \


Monday, March 23, 2009

Guarding the sick from Boogeymanz-zez!

Helloooooooooooooz from the Little Bunny!

Mom & Tannie Man are on the mend. 

Which is very good news, since I needs lotsa play time. And the Miss Simba does not know how to work the feather stick! See her below ... She just kicks the cat tree like a wild woman.  

Anywhoo, thanks for all the nice posts. Mom says it makes her feel better. Tannie Man too!

AND, did ya see who all is doing the HIDEY!?! Look up at the top right corner & check out their links. They do the HIDEY real good. OH ... I thinks I seez a Boogeymanz ... Gotta go!  Cat Girl Power ....

Special thx to everyone for the good advice ... Sleep! It worked.

The Whippy Curly Tail's Mom



Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me & Sweet T - feeling icky


Dear Bloggyville,

Tannie & I are both feeling a little bit punky! The Little Bunny has been a great friend while we both relaxed. Blackie & Miss Simba have napped along with us.

This is the Tannie Man's most favorite place to nap. It is his pink pouf, stationed right by the window with the best bird watching. Sometimes Little Bunny joins him when a squirrel drops by!

My brother even came over with some food & a movie - High School Musical 2. Little Bunny got some serious play time in with him - She is definitely a boyz-kitty cat! After he left, she curled up in her favorite spot for a long, long snooze!

Hugs & purrs,
The Whippy Curly Tail's Mom



Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm just looking at nothing ...






Little Bunny



Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Misha & Cosmo - Blackie's counter!

Dear Mr. Misha & Mistress Cosmo,

It has come to my attention that there are concerns about my "sanctuary" - The Bathroom Counter - And it's comfort level.

:::: whispers ::::

Oh, no!   It is THAT Little Bunny.  Hold on ...

:::: YOWLS ::::


Anywayz! Please do not worry about my bathroom counter. It is so soft & fluffy! Mom triple folds 2 vintage hotel guest towels on my counter. This way, it is extra soft & comfy.

Double "click" the photo to see those soft white towels!!

Purrz to Misha & beautiful Mistress Cosmo girl!




Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jungle Gym time - Sunny's Mom


Little Bunny & Miss Simba have been working really hard to find out how to play together. The cat tree seems to be a thing they can play on & enjoy themselves ... Miss Simba usually hisses at Little Bunny. Little Bunny has way to much energy for Miss S!

Thanks for the pretty award from Sunny's Mom! There are 4 kitties in this house & here are the 6 things that make them happy:


Water from the bathtub faucet
Petting time on the bathroom counter
Nap time on the bathroom counter
Hiding from Little Bunny on the bathroom counter
Waiting for me to get out of the shower from the bathroom counter
The bathroom counter!

Little Bunny

The feather stick
The stick with gold tassles
The stick with no green feathers left on it
The stick with yellow tassles
The toy with a red string on it
Being with Blackie anywhere!

Miss Simba

Baby food Ham fed to her from a spoon
Baby food Beef fed to her from a spoon
Baby food Vegetable Beef fed to her from a spoon
Fancy Feast fed to her from a spoon
Any food in a spoon
Especially food fed to her from my finger!

Tannie Man

Napping on his pink poof in front of the screened window
2, 3, 4, 5 & 6: Snuggles with me - Momma Cat!

Instead of picking 6 bloggers ... How about those of you that would like to do this, just do it!

Again, thx again to Sunny's Mom for the nice award!

The Whippy Curly Tail's Mom



Um ... Happy St Patty's?

Not my idea ... Tannie Man!

Only half da hat too!



Rare event - Family Gathering


Will you look at this! Mom caught this rare moment of: Tannie Man, Little Bunny & Miss Simba - Window shopping.

Likely they are all checking out some kinda critter - Birdie, Squirrel or the neighborhood ginger kitty that lives down the street!

Not me ... I just take these moments to get my snuggle time in with Mom!




Ps. Little Bunny is nipping on Mom's toes now ... She want feather stick playtime!!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tannie's personal Chef -Pablo!


Hi ya furries out there! It's me Tannie Man.

Our Uncle Pablo made dinner!!!

He made our Mom some shrimp dinner & a leafy spinach salad Ick! Green stuff - No thanks.

What did you have for dinner?

Tannie Man

Ps Hidey Awardy introduced today!!!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Award from Cheyenne-Millie! Her story ...


Hello Bloggyville ... it's me the Little Bunny (above),
Guess what!?! We gotz an Awardy from Cheyenne-Millie. Pawsome!

We thought we would tell you a bit about her & her family ...

:::: whispers ::::

She is a very pretty kitty! These are her words:

"I am a cat named Cheyenne-Millie. I live in Northern California. I was an abandoned cat... left behind by a neighbor who moved away. I lived alone outside for about 2 weeks hiding in and around the bushes. I have always been kind of shy. I was very skinny by the time the humans in my new home caught me. I like this place, because I get well fed here, and there are lots of places to hide. But best of all I have a family who loves me!"

We love reading her bloggy & have learned a lot today. Did you know she lives with 2 other kitties - Sandusky & Spooky? And a dog named Monty? Monty is a very lucky pooch ... Occasionally he is fortunate enough to find goodies from The Tennis Ball Fairy on walks with his Mom. BTW, yesterday was Monty's BirthDay!

The Lemonade Award is given to sites which the giver show either great attitude and or gratitude. The rules for these awards are:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs. (Mom did 5 - Her Starbucks buzz ran out!)
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Ok you 5 furries, go to Cheyenne-Millie's bloggy to get the Lemonade Award & carry on, if ya want:

1.Alice at The Rose Jugglers
2.Mr Black at The Kittini Boys
3.Chilli at Cat With a Garden
4.Cliff and Olivia
5. Daisy the Curly Cat

Many Purrs,
Little Bunny &
The Whippy Curly Tails




Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boogeymanz & Bugbear - REVEALED!


- Get snuggled up to your Bean or near your hidey place!

This is the BOOGEYMANZ & he is FIERCE!   This is the poem that sums him up:

acquainted with the night (*)

I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain --and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.
I have looked down the saddest city lane.
I have passed by the watchman on his beat
And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.

I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet
When far away an interrupted cry
Came over houses from another street,

But not to call me back or say good-bye;
And further still at an unearthly height
One luminary clock against the sky

Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one acquainted with the night.

OK, he is near Blackie's toes. But, wait! Blackie doesn't care. HOW CAN THAT BE !?!

:::: whispers ::::

It is me, the Little Bunny ... Let me get way down low to the ground & skulk my way over to sniff the FIERCE Boogeymanz. Wait over there. K?

:::: whispers ::::

It's OK, I think? Let me go get Tannie Man.

Hello Bloggyville ... It's me Tannie Man!   See me below?  It's OK!  

Our Mom is on a tight budget, except for stuff for us. She says we must be spoiled at all times. We agree. Anywhoo. She saw this Boogeymanz & had to have him. According to Mom, he was very cost effective. Hmmm? - We say, "And scary too!"

Sleep tight!
Tannie Man


One more thing, (**) the poem is by Robert Frost.  Mom's fave!