Saturday, February 28, 2009

Intruders: Boogeymanz & Bugbears ... oh NO!


Hay ya! Blackie here.

Me & the Little Bunny were hanging out in our attic. Mom had just woken from a long nap with that snuggler the Tannie Man & Little Bunny was havin the time of her life ... Chasing round that feather stick that she loves so much ... When, we heard SOMETHING! [click on the pic to see LB's big round eyes]

Then we heard that SOMETHING again!

Boogeymanz or Bugbear!?!

Miss Simba was supposed to be on guard duty.

Stay tuned ...

Mom just gotz a big cuppa of tea, mystery to be solved in next post!

The Blackie
Whippy Curly Tails



Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dilemma from the Top ...


As overheard by Miss Simba!

Blackie: "She's down there again!"

Tannie: "I know. Spooky?"

Blackie: "You think you can out run her?"

Tannie: "That Little Bunny is too fast. Besides ..."

Blackie: "Besides, what?"

Tannie: "Not with these new toehawk extensions."

Blackie: "What did you say!?!"

Tannie : "You heard me."



Psssssst. Toehawk extensions, here!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Nip-Bender =^..^=

Life is Good ... Needs I sayz more. Iz dat a flying treat ... Osh, to mucha nip-age/ctznips!?!

Tannnneeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr [click on my pic to see ear hairs!]



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hurry ... Sunbeams rolling in virtual SunBeach!!

Hi ya Bloggyville ... It's me Blackie!

Look at all these sunbathers will ya. They run like a herd of elephants when the sunbeams roll in. I just sit in the shade & think about how crazy they are.

~ Do you furries like to bask in the long warm rays of Mr. Sunshine?

Our Mom crawls around on the carpet, between all the cables, just to get their photo. Again, I just shake my head in the cool shade & think ... What a silly family I have!

By the way, Mom made a new avatar for us ... It's a photo of the 2 crazy girls: Little Bunny in the gray furr coat & Miss Simba in the orange furry coat. These two are rarely this close together & they both nip on my toes! Sheesh.

The Blackie
Whippy Curly Tails



Ps.  That question mark is my "whippy curly tail!"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who? Me? I will guard these tulips ...


Oh Mom, dont'cha worries ... I am not mad at youz for taking me & the Blackie to the V-E-Ts. To prove that I'm not MAD I will make sure that no furry chews on these tulips. OK!?!

Pfffft! What do YOU think Bloggyville ... We are very dissapawnted with our Mom. The V-E-T, I tell you! We don't have the "crazed rabbies" & don't put the bitey on peeps.

::: whispers: But I tell you, these tulips are hisss-tory! :::

Bye Mom ... Have a good day!

Tannie Man & Blackie


Ps. This is a very warm spot ... Thx Daisy for the comment & this is our post for warm too!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh no ... Mom redecorated the bloggy, AGAIN!


I hope you like Mom's new artwork of me. Look above ... That's me. And that's me below with Mom.

The Sweet T aka Tannie Man.

Hope you & your beans have a nice evening,
All the Whippy Curly Tails

Little Bunny
Miss Simba
& me,



Thursday, February 19, 2009

CAUTION: Big Floofy crossing

Look out for that thing!

Have you every seen anything like this before?

Little Bunny



Monday, February 16, 2009

Mancat Monday - guarding the home front!

We are such strong & fierce Mancats ... Me & Tannie Man!

We stand tall & make sure no boogeymen get to our Mom or the girls ... Miss Simba & Little Bunny. It can be hard work. And we find it very strange when our Mom lays down with the flashy thing to take our photo. Doesn't she know better ... Sheesh!

Mancats Unite!

Blackie & Tannie Man


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easy on Sunday, video & Thx to The Tail Chasers!!!

We sure needed a day of west & welaxation! Kibbletines weekend & Tail Chasers Social Gig ... My brain iz overloaded.

~ See my video below ... First the flashy thing, now MOVIES! Argh.

Mom lets us name ourz tailz:

Little Bunny - her tail is named Speed Racer
Tannie Man - his tail is named Snuggles
Miss Simba - her tail is named Daphne
Blackie - his tail is named Mover-n-Shaker

Also, Mom haz been playin with our Blogz wallpaper ... I like it, but not Miss Simba. She wants the wallpaper with the bumble beez! Yikes bees ... No way!

Purrs & sleepy snorts,
Tannie Man


Psssst. Thx to Cliff & Olivia for the Tail Chasers Gig ... We likes Gigs!

Psssst. We named Mom's tail - "Crazygirl-too-much-Starbucks" HeeHee ... Blackie did the name!



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pawlates for your Valentine!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all Furries & Beans!!

To stay healthy Mom wanted me to tell you about how I stay in shape -- My bowling ball form! My secret ... I work my paws using my patented routine called "Pawlates" for life.

Main Entry: Paw·la·tes
Pronunciation: \paw-ˈlä-tēz\
Function: noun
Etymology: Blackie W. C. Tail †2000 United States (Texas - born) fitness instructor, chaser of Miss S, overeater, sweetest boy & somewhat clueless in a happy way!
Date: 2009
: an exercise regimen typically performed with the use of specialized apparatus - a furry paw

Since it is Valentines, I suggest you Furries incorporate your treats into my exercise regime ... Kibble, paw out, kibble, paw in, etc ...

For the Beans: Chocolate in, hand out Kibble to Furrie, repeat often, chocoate in, hand out another Kibble to Furrie (every day!)

Blackie &
The Whippy Curly Tails


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sam the koala & firefighter David Tree - Wow!

Dear Bloggypals,

Our Mom got very emotional reading this story & then hugged us all like crazy after she read it. Grab some kleenex for your Bean & run under your beds - You Bean is gonna hug you lots after reading this.

Tannie Man


SYDNEY – "Sam" the koala, the most famous furry survivor of Australia's worst-ever wildfires, is healing well thanks to the efforts of caretakers at a rescue shelter — and she even has a new boyfriend, "Bob."

Sam, who captured hearts around the world after she was photographed drinking from a firefighter's water bottle, has also won the affection of "Bob," another koala whose paws were scorched in the weekend's inferno, caretaker Lynn Raymond said Thursday.

"Bob is her protector — as soon as she is moved, he's on the move, too. It really looks like he's making sure she's OK," Raymond said from the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter in Rawson, 100 miles (170 kilometers) east of Melbourne in Victoria state, where the deadly fires continue to burn. "They're good company for each other."

Neither koala is likely to be healthy enough for release for at least four months, and are being comforted by caretakers who salve their scorched paws every few hours.

Global interest in the fate of Sam has been intense since a photograph of firefighter David Tree offering her a bottle of water in a burned-out forest was splashed across the Internet, in newspapers and on television broadcasts. The telephone at the shelter has rung incessantly with callers eager for an update on the creature's condition.

"It's insane," Raymond said with a laugh. "(But) everybody has been absolutely wonderful."

Sam was found moving gingerly on scorched paws by a fire patrol Sunday. Tree crouched down and held out a bottle of water for her to drink, which she eagerly accepted, holding Tree's hand as he poured water into her mouth.

"You all right, buddy?" Tree asks in a video of the encounter as he approaches the koala. Later, as Sam gulps from the bottle, he quips: "How much can a koala bear?"

Often mistakenly called koala bears because they resemble a child's teddy bear, the marsupial is actually a somewhat ornery creature with a loud growl and sharp claws.

Sam, who suffered second- and third-degree burns to her paws, has been sharing a cage with Bob, who took an immediate interest in her when she arrived on Sunday, Raymond said.

Both Sam and Bob were given painkillers when they first arrived, but they're off the drugs now, Raymond said. The two are still receiving antibiotics and have their bandages changed regularly to stave off infections.

The koalas are likely to be in the shelter at least four months, depending on how quickly their burns heal, Raymond said. For now, though, the famously thirsty marsupial appears to be on the mend.

"I'm just looking at Sam now — she is fast asleep," Raymond said. "She's doing very, very well."

~ By KRISTEN GELINEAU, Associated Press Writer

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Purrrrr ... What scent do YOU wear !?!

Oh! Hellooooooooo. It is ME the Little Bunny & I wear Chanel No 5. Or whatever my tail wraps around that day.

How about you ?!?

Sniffs, more sniffs ...

Um, you smell like ...

STEAK! Or a Loaf of BREAD.

BTW, Mom says that Tannie Man's belly smells like bread baking - Sweet & warm. Mom is weird. But I luvs her.

The Little Bunny aka The Littlest Bunny ever


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shrimps for dinner ... No thanks!

Our Mom's brother loves to cook. See him below, he is making shrimps with pasta ... Ick. Garlic & lemon, not for me. Our Mom was really excited.

After he finished cooking, they both sat down & ate their dinner on the dining table. That was weird, I usually make that table my everyday nap spot. Just as they began to eat their shrimps, I jumped up on the table to inspect!

I really love my dry crunchies.

What did you have for dinner?

Blackie &
The Whippy Curly Tails


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Little Bunny gets MAD - swipes Mom!

Hey Bloggy Beans,

It's me Mom speaking! The Whippys allowed me to tell my story. But I have to whisper, because I am still in the proverbial "dog house" with the Little Bunny "LB" !

Well, I got in trouble today with the LB. And I got a feisty nip & swipe for it - Ouch! I will tell my story in a moment, below ... Here are a couple pics I took after the "nip". The second one pretty much captures LB'S attitude ... WHATEVER MOM!

A little background on the LB:

1. She is the youngest kitty of my indoor herd of 4. The vet thinks she is about 1 year old - The other 3 are around 8 years old.

2. LB has lots of energy!

3. She is a cats cat - She plays well with all 3 kitties & respects when they are done playing. She even gives Miss Simba a run for her money.

4. She & I play with 1 of her 4 feather sticks multiple times a day.

5. She has her own room ... The "Attic" which is simply a nice shoebox sized space with no windows. It contains a full sized bed, litter box, chest of drawers, lots of LB fave toys & it is clearly LBs most favorite place to play - With me!! When I walk upstairs, LB races up past me, like a rocket-ship, straight into her Attic ... Chattering loudly all the way.

6. This little cat, whom I rescued from my old neighborhood, has a heart of gold ... A sweetheart!

{{{ The Story of the Nip ~ told by Sweet T }}}

Hi ya alls. I saw what happened & knows that LB just wants play times. She always does.

Mom was just sitting in the big fluffy sofa, typing on her puter, reading all yourz blogs. She loves to do that. We like to hear your storiez too. That Luxor is white, Parker always haz things going on, Daisy is a cutie & thoze dogs out there ... WOW! Wooffies Mom tells us. Garden kats, island & Meezers, some with Little Feets.

Anywayz, LB got mad at Mom, cuz she was not in the Attic playin with her. Mom works hard & needs a break sometimes. LB just doesn't know that cuz she is a teenager kitty ... That's what Mom says.

LB gave Mom a booboo! Mom leans over to tell LB "hold on & play time soon, k?" Mom is about to pet the LB & LB strikes ... A big swipe with that gray paw - Whapp!!!!

Mom let out a yelp & I came running! Even Blackie.

Sheesh! We all gots scareded. But not Mom ... She tells us its OK. LB freaked out some too.

Mom told LB that after lunch, she will paint a wall in LBs Attic & whip all those feather sticks around while we all watch the paint dry. {The paint is this "green" stuff .. Mom says it is odorless & has no chemicalz that are bad in it ... Its yellow like our other wallz.}

I fink LB strayed mad for awhile ... Cuz then Mom took these pics. Then Mom gots LBs cat grass & rubbed it on her belly ... She likes that grass ... Mom sayz it reminds LB of her old days livin in the HOOD.

Have you Beans been swiped at??? I never do that to Mom ... Only LB. She does love bites too!

Sweet T aka The Wrestler


Friday, February 06, 2009

Wanna wrestle any Furrie?

I am looking for a good tumble ... Do any of ya wanna take a chance?

Mom was so surprised that Little Bunny & I got along so well. That Little Bunny is frisky & I can respect that ... So we tussle lots. But the Miss Simba ... Humpff, she just runs & gets on my nerves.

I also like sweet kisses on my noggin too. Pls send kisses & kiss your furrfriends & those Beans too!

Sweet T aka The Wrestler


Freaky Friday - Miss Simba & Little Bunny antics

Pfffft ... That sneaky clueless Little Bunny doesn't see me!

Mom thinks she is so cute & sweet, but she chases me. Which ... Don't tell, but I kinda like it! You see, that Blackie taught her to run after me. And, I just run away very fast.

Tannie Man won't play the game .... Little Bunny learned that early on. Tannie just sits like a budda kitty & looks at any kitty trying to chase him, like: "What ... Are you nuts!?!" Tannie likes to wrestle - All the time. Specially with the Little Bunny.

Anywhoz, this is me watching that Little Bunny walk by. She doesn't even see me, ha!!

Happy Friday to all youz furries & your Beans,
Miss Simba & The Whippy Curly Tails