Monday, July 11, 2011

WHAT a p.u.p.p.y ?

Strange things have been going on around here! Look deep into my eyes ... Do you see that white fluffy thing? She is only 7 weeks old & a wild girl!

She 'yips' at me really loud. Odd? Well, I have hissed at her until I can't hiss anymore. So, if ya can't hiss at them ~ Join them. Uh, sorta!

She sleeps under mom's feet. Mom moves her into King's dog bed & she just waddles back onto the cement in the dining room under mom's feet. (Mom is embarrassed that the floors are still bare. AND she is flipped out that the white thingy likes the cement just like King.)

Best of all King loves the white thingy. A LOT!

The white thingy loves King back. A LOT! Look at them running ~ I watched from the patio.

The white thingy likes to give mom the bitey. A LOT! Hee Hee. Mom yips a lot. A LOT!

We rescued the white fluffy thingy last week from a safe furry rescue place & have given her a temporary name. Well ... mom calls her a bunch of things: pinball, cupcake, baby, pumpkin, hey-you, NO-not-there, Daisy Jiji - yep she gets confused & calls the white thingy my name. No big deal.

We are looking for a name from one of the Hayao Miyazaki movies. I was named after the black cat in Kiki's Delivery Service: Jiji. Mom needs to watch a lot of movies to find a name. Ponyo, Kiki ... Maybe too close to Jiji. Maybe Mei from My Neighbor Totoro ... ? Will keep you posted.

Also we aren't sure what she is. Mom will have blood work done to see what the DNA says. She did that with King. Mom got tired of people saying King was a Rottweiler. Pfft! Mr. King is a whopping 65 pounds of: Boxer, Schnauzer & bunches of Plott Hound.

Anypurrs ... We are all happy! Especially Mr. King. He is not sad anymore or lonely for a doggie friend. He has a new friend. A forever white thingy friend ... That chases him & chews on his tail, ears ... Even rolls on his head!

BTW, mom watches them very closely when they play. King has to be rescued most of the time! Hee hee. At night the white thingy sleeps in a big cage in King's rooms & loves snuggling in his old dog bed. She falls asleep watching King snore from across the room. The first night she howled like crazy ... So mom moved her into King's rooms the next night ... All are happy now!

Daisy Jiji
(Expert of all things white & fluffy!)