Sunday, November 29, 2009

"On being cute!" by Miss Daisy Jiji


Big big day today ... by Miss Daisy Jiji,

Dear kitty-kat friends in bloggieville. Home of the tunas & kibble treats. How are ya allz?

We are very very good & are feeling very frisky & furr of cuteness. Here are some snapshotz of us. Mom had a hard time doing these cuz I am alwayz bugging her to play with the feather stick. I LOVE THE FEATHER STICK! I DO. I DO. YES!!!!

1st.  Me & my BFF Little Bunny. She is a very young frisky girl like me. We chase each other lots. But she getz tired of my antics & waps me on the head, a lots!! But we do nap well togetha on the little kit-kat-tree. BIRDS abound out this window!!!!

2nd.  Here are the old boyz ... Look furry carefully & you will see the Sweet Tannie Man way in the back. That's Blackie up close ... Little Bunny's BOYFRIEND. HA!


Last, just lil'ole me. I am being sneaky ... that FEATHER STICK has no clue. No siree. NONE!

Oh yeh, Mom sayz thx pls for visiting us. We love your comments!! Mom reads them on her iPhone in bed at night. Tannie Man does NOT like the iPhone. He will bite it one day ... I know this. I see it in hiz eyes. Green with envy.

Anywhooz. All you kitties get a FEATHER STICK & then mail it to me. OK! Okey dokey!!

Many purrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,
Miss Daisy Jiji

aka Wild Girl

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Love, Love, Love ... Feather Stick!


Happy days are here again ... Mom gots the feather stick out!

Ya ya, oh la la! Ya ya, oh la la! Double click on the pics to us betta, okay.

Here we are ... Me first Miss Daisy Jiji:

Then Little-est Bunny:

Now, Blackie in the back & Daisy Jiji with the feather stick:

Tannie Man workin on his toezies:

THAT Little-est Bunny watching me, below:

Last of all, me - Daisy Jiji, sneaking up on Miss Simba:

Yippee skippy ... We love when Mom has a day off from work for Thanksgiving & stops to play with us!!

She is listening to that Lady Gaga & sings to us. Um, more feather stick less singing MOM.

Purrrrrz & head buts to all of you,
The Whippy Curly Tails (& me, Daisy Jiji)



Ps. We are all very well & healthy. Blackie just sneezes, once a day!! Once. : )