Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another nickname ... !


It's me THE DAISY JIJI aka ...

The Swiss Cheese

Oy!  Mom is always giving us new nicknames.  Why?  It's a mystery.  I once was called Swiss Miss & then it morphed into The Swiss Cheese.  Oh well.  I respond because I get food & cuddles!

Then there are these two crazy hounds.  Mom calls them lots of things.  I call them trouble!
Double trouble.

Without me where would they be?

I keep my eye on them.  I sniff them when they come in from the great outdoors.  I also yowl really loud to let mom know they are at the door & want in.  If mom doesn't move fast enough I get very close to her & raise my yowl to ear deafening level.  Heh heh!  She moves then.  AND I get kisses on the head. THEN I sniff those dogs over when then run in.  This horrifies mom.  She thinks I will get walked on.  Pfft.  I'm too fast!!

BTW Flower, the white hound, always smells really interesting! That's because she rolls in all kinds of weird stuff outside. Ha!  Mom says it's just gross ... But that's what dogs do.  King must not be a dog because he doesn't smell as dicey & doesn't roll in things. Hmmm?  What is he then?

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Daisy Jiji aka The Swiss Cheese
& all the WCTs

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tug-O-War with the Hounds!

 So ... You know these 2 dogs live with us right? Well they do. And this is what they love to do the most ... Play with our human Uncle. He really ruffs up the dogs & they love him. They even know his ringtone on our mom's phone -- James Bond theme song.

Funny about our Uncle ... He is also the kitty whisperer with Miss Simba.  She loves him!

Daisy Jiji
& all the WCTs


Friday, July 20, 2012

Yo, let's play!

Hello all you furries,

We have been helping mom get the house fixed. This is because mom has torn up almost all the flooring in the house. All of it. Mom is nuts! Anywhoo ... Good news, there is this pretty dark stuff in our play room now. See the pic below ... It's me & Tannie Man.

That's me on the left with the pretty aqua girl eyes & grey furrs. Tannie is the gold ginger boy. We are working on being better friends since Tannie's brother Blackie went to the Rainbow Bridge in May.

Mom is helping to encourage our friendship by playing with us together - a lot! She bought this pretty green rug from Ikea & spends lots of time whipping our stick toys around on it.

We LOVE stick play time.

Mom knows this "friendship plan" is working because she has caught Tannie & I snuggling. Our first snuggle was very difficult. Tannie tries to lick my head. Eeek! So I gave him a bitey. Not a good idea. Mom intervened & ask me to relax, with soft head pats. After several snuggles like this I have finally figured out to just relax & let Tannie lick my head. Blackie didn't do that. So I had to adjust. Not so bad! Tannie & I have had 2 successful snuggle events. Yay!!

We hope you are having a good Summer so far. Stay safe, stay cool & be kind to those your love, including those you don't know well. (Avoid giving the bitey!)

Much love, Little Bunny
& The Whippy Curly Tails