Saturday, April 24, 2010

Glorious Spring - Seeding grass!

Hi Animal pals & your peeps!!

It's me Tannie Man ... Look below. Can you find me in the garden? I am watching the Mallards! Blackie likes to chase them ... The Mallards waddle faster than Blackie runs. Mom laughs & then scolds Blackie about chasing ducks. He just chatters at her, then chases them again.

Below is Miss Simba taking a snooze!

Here are Little Bunny & Blackie ... Daisy Jiji is checking the flowers out. Um, really she is eating them. Not for long! Mom rescued the flowers right after this photo. DJ will snack on most everything.

Lastly, Blackie helps Mom in the garden. He never eats anything ... Just gives everything the sniffy test. Then chatters lots.

We are loving Spring ... I, Tannie Man, especially love the sprinkler. Soon I will try to drink from it. For now I study it very closely.

BTW, only Blackie & I are allowed outside with Mom. We have 10 foot fences. Mom says Little Bunny, Miss Simba & Daisy Jiji are not to be trusted outside. She say they would zip up a tree & hop off down the road ~ Never to be seen again. Blackie & I are to chubby to scoot up a tree & hop over a fence. Not to worry, the other 3 enjoy the big screened in porch ~ At all hours!

Gotta go!  Mom got grass seed.  The doggie that lived here before did something to make the grass stop growing in spots.  Mom got Penningtons Bare Spot grass seed.  It grows super fast & then we eat it.  (Don't tell MOM!)

Spring purrs,
Tannie Man & The Whippy Curly Tails


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Miss Simba's Spring on the Porch & our Mallard Egg!


Hi Everyfurry in the Land,

It is I, Miss Simba kitty!

We are very happy to announce Spring is here!!!   No more snow we hope.

Also ... We have a Mallard Duck Egg in our yard. We DO! Mom & the Mallard couple are watching over it. Mom is not touching it & neither are those pesky squirrels. Mom has Googled about Mallard Eggs & talked to a "Mallard know-it-all", so we are good with the Egg.

Meantime, here I am catching sunbeams. I love my porch & so do all of us. We watch all kinds of critters day & night. Just recently the crickets started their evening symphony concerts. Mom says we could have froggy soloists soon - We have a lagoon type pool, so anything is possible! Frogs - what are those? Any furry know?

BTW, the best thing about our backyard is watching the Mallard fly in our lagoon. It is very Air Force like. They zoom in & brake right before they come to the edge of the lagoon.  They get very chatty when they prepare for liftoff!!  Once 3 flew in at one time while Mom was filling the bird baths! Then 2 of them got frisky & tried to make more Eggs together - WHILE WE WATCHED. YIKES!

Happy Spring to all & to you across the Big Pond ... Happy Weekend,
Miss Simba Kitty

Ps. Everyone here is happy & healthy!

Pss.  Hello to Bibi -Chan.  Such a cutie!