Monday, December 07, 2009

This is my happy face ... Miss Simba Kitty

Hello out there ...

I'm Miss Simba Kitty & I'm a bit shy. Really a lot shy. Quite very shy. I'm shy.

But I heard about Tama-Chan's kittens & the kitty who went to the Rainbow Bridge, so I had to post.

I may be shy, but I think about many things all the time. And I think that those kittens are an example of how life is such a wonderful mystery. I also think that it is a mystery how we are so lucky to have this big life to be together & have wonderful memories. ((((((( thoughtful purrs )))))))

For all you shy kitties out there, go give your favorite HumanBean or other furry friend a head-butt or nose-tap!

It's all good,
Miss Simba Kitty
aka The Shy One



Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dearest Tama-Chan!

Dear sweet Tama-Chan,

Congrats on your 4 baby kittens!!! They are so beautiful. We are so glad you were with your Vet & that you are doing well.

Tannie Man thinks you deserve many pets on the head & a bunch of soft kisses! He also thinks you are thirsty a lot. So he is drinking water in your honor!

Take care Tama & let us know how the little ones are.

Purrzzzzzz to all the Chans!
WCTs & their HumanBean Mom