Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy End of 2010: Video from Daisy Jiji

Happy Goodbye to 2010, to all our Friends!

See you furries in the New Year!

Daisy Jiji
Whippy Curly Tails

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve happy wishes!

Happy Christmas Eve everyfurry!!

It's me Mr. King puppy!

Mom has posted a pic of me & her boots. I like to lay on the grass & wait for her to grab a toy to wrestle with! Good times.

I also like to EAT food. All kinds of food. People food. AND cat food. Especially CAT food.

I like eating treats from the Rose Jugglers! Yummy stuff.

The vet says I weight 52 pounds & I'm ONLY six months old ...

Merry merry!


Monday, December 20, 2010

A video of Sweet Tannie Man & Mom!

Hey EveryFurry,

It's Mom & Tannie Man!


Daisy Jiji

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daisy Jiji's books ~

Happy FurryHolidays to all you Whippy Tails!

Daisy Jiji here aka Crazytown!

Mom has been very busy with that dog - KING! But she has found time to read thx to her iPhone. Sad for me, cuz I really enjoyed chewing on the paper pages as she turned them.

Oh well. At least I get to rub under the nose of the King. That upsets Mom. She thinks King will just lick my head off while I purr. No way ... He likes his treats better than me! But I still make Mom crazy by snuggling up to the big 50 pound pup - He is almost 6 months old. I LIKE HIM A LOT! So much that I purr really loud when I see him. He respects me cuz I whap him on the nose if he gets to frisky. Mom says I've trained him better than her. YES I HAVE!

Anyways ... Look to the right of this post & you'll see the books on Mom's reading list.
She loves this new site called Goodreads.
If you are on there let her know!
She would love to see what you're reading or have read.

Meantime ... Below are pics of 4 of the 6 of us!
First ME ... Waiting for the waters to fall. Always.
Then Tannie Man ... He loves the waters to fall.
Little Bunny ... She does NOT like the waters to fall. She just wants a water pond in the tub.

The tub is a very social place in the morning & at night. We all want something different.

Blackie likes his own water from the bathroom sink.
Miss Simba avoids the bathroom at all costs. She has had some kerfuffles in there! (((with me! i started it.)))

Lastly is a pic is King Baby Dog.
He is huge!!!!!

Happy Holidays to all & leave us a note if you are on Goodreads.

~ Hey, tell us where you like to drink your water!?!

Daisy Jiji

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Yep ... THAT dog is still here & I like him.

We are all doing very well, thx!
Hug all your furry friends & touch toes too.

Daisy Jiji


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That Dog is still here ... Blackie

Hi it's me Blackie ...

I have been protesting this dog's arrival via my non-use of the litter box for #2.
Yup, I have.

And Mom has given up & decided that I must be loved with the dog.

So last night she picked me up & hoisted my furry self over the babygate.
She made me a bed on the counter where I could really get a good view of that dog.

I really enjoyed the view, napping in the sink, drinking from the sink & watching that dog.

Funny ... I give him my fierce growl/hiss & he sits!!


I can control that dog.
Who knew.

Daisy Jiji does it all the time & now walks right by him when he is sleepy & that dog just lays there.
She greets him every morning after his quick run outside.
He always looks for her & is sad if she is not waiting for him.

BTW, Mom gets no sleep in our house anymore!
She is sleepy a lot.

Today that dog has gone to the groomer for social action.
Mom left him with Minnie a little cute pooch .... 10 months old vs King's 3 months ... She was wearing him out.
That makes Mom happy to see King happy!!
: )

Good times,

PS. King weighs 21 pounds & has had all his puppy shots.
He has walked with Alice at the Rose Jugglers.
And he has many new dog friends that he has met at Starbucks!
Thank the heavens for Starbucks Mom says - That & men who love to wrestle with King!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A DOG! ~ Tannie Man byline

Hello from Tannie Man aka Sweet T!

This is mom balancing a doggie bagel on her boots.
She has boots now because somedoggie nips at her ankles.
She used the bagel to 'divert' him.

Mom's Canine Behavior Consultant is training Mom to train the doggie.
He will be big & will need to be a "Good Boy" says Mom.

=((Really Mom is being trained, to help the doggie.))=
See, she is already doing tricks!!

This is me Tannie Man.
I once ruled the backyard.

This is the pea gravel garden Mom & I built Sunday morning.
I snoopurrvised.
Mom is growing Patchouli in that green pot.
She says it smells like a candle.

This is a puppy in our meadow.
With his ball.
At 6:15 am in the MORNING!

This is that same puppy after a game of Mom-is-trying-to-water-the-garden.
Trying, she says.
Puppy will grow like weeds, I guess.

This is that same wet puppy.
At 6:25 am in the MORNING!

This is him at 7:15 am.
Still in the MORNING.
His name is KingBaby.

Our Mom is tired.
Too much MORNING.

Oh & guess what, Sunday MORNING at 6:15 am she took me out.
I sniffed everywhere King had been & looked for mousies.
Mom enjoyed a nice cup of hot tea.
She says I am the best outdoor independent Boy!

Tannie Man
& The Whippy Curly Tails
& A very tired Mom.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sneaky Snake song & a Puppy road trip with Rose Jugglers

Big news Furries!!!

Miss LizzyBean & I are gonna trek out to the country to meet this guy:

He is part: Mastiff/Boxer/Australian Shepherd aka Furry Horse!

Lucky for me Miss LizzyBean, owner of a horse/dog Sammie & cutie Alice will be meeting the pup with me.

See the pup with his pink tub ... He gives kitty rides in it. His human Mom says one of the young kitties in the house wrestles with him & then gets a ride in the tub. This is what endeared me to this guy.

Love that little kitty paw - MEOW!

Wish us luck!!
We will be singing the Sneaky Snake song in the car on the way there ...

Whippy's Mom

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We crashed this Club ... Hi Jonsie!!

Look what our Mom joined for us!
Click on it the pic.

Our Mom is a party crasher ... Hope they don't mind.


Tannie Man
Master Gardener & Mousie Watcher

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Woofie Poll, Friends & 7 Things ....

Long, long, long ... Weekend!

First, everyone pls vote on the Woofie Poll above.
See Tommy's comment in the Poll. So sweet!

Next, our friend Brynn makes friends with Blackie.
Previously Blackie would always hiss at Brynn.
Brynn had lots of smells on her feet. Woofie smellzzz.
But, you bring Blacke treats & you are friends for life.
See the photo below ... Click on it for a better view!

Status on the Woofie search: CRAZY! The story from our Mom:
Currently I have filled out 4 different Dog Rescue applications.
Mostly for Golden Retrievers. 'GR'
My goal is to find a good natured dog that will fit in well with all the kitties.
Based upon my research, I am convinced a puppy/young dog will be best for all.
There are many puppies that show up in care of the Rescue Groups.

The crazy part:
Friday I contacted one Group with a cute GR puppy.
The dog was unavailable because Friday it was transported to Colorado. WHAT?
They load up Texas dogs & 6 times a year transport them all to a PetsMart in Colorado hoping they will be adopted.
The puppy I liked was adopted by someone in Colorado today.

Now, 7 things about me, Mom, via an Awardy from:
Katz and other Tales

1. I am looking at the Honda Element with the "Doggie Package"
2. I jumped in the Rose Jugglers pool with my dress on yesterday. Heehee!
3. This morning I cried at the end of a great book: The Dog House, by Carol Prisant
4. Tannie Man sleeps under my arm every night in bed
5. I feel bad that Blackie must have insulin shots 2x a day
6. I am so proud that my Milkweed has survived the Texas heat
7. I am lucky to have good friends like Lizzie Bean, Brynn Bean & all their critters!

Hugs every furry!!


Friday, August 06, 2010

Mom has Woofie-Itis & is "Mad-Ish"

Major news ... Our Mom has officially lost her mind!

She has.
It is true.

Just look at this pic below ... She thinks this is herself.
Just where are the cats, we ask! ???

AND, she brought a WOOFIE in our house.

The Woofie is gone now.
Mom says the Woofie was not right for our family
(Note to Mom - Uh, no Woofie, Thx!)

----- The Story -----

Mom has always wanted a Woofie.
She grew up with Boston Terriers "BT".

Based upon the BT's visit last night, Mom is going for a Golden Retriever.
~ Long story ...
Mom found one & hopes to meet it tomorrow.
She is a pretty rescue girl of 3 months old.
Combo of Lab & Golden, reported to be shy.
Yeah right!

Anywhoo, Mom has been inspired by these good dogs! They live with cats & are good friends with the cats:
Tommy & Bibi-Chan
Alice & Sammy

BTW, the BT that came to visit us last night was very interesting.
I sat on the other side of the inside dining room glass french doors & hissed at the BT.
I got very fluffy & just hissed a lot like a snake.
I also did not move from the glass!
I was transfixed.

Blackie joined me.
He let me do all the hissing.
The BT barked at us.

Mom says the BT was deaf & could not hear us.

Needless to say Blackie & I were very curious.
Mom says, clueless!

The other kitties in the house were under Mom's bed with the door shut.

Although Daisy Jiji puffed up like a blowfish before Mom whiskered her away. Hee hee!
Tannie Man aka Sweet T

Psst: Do the Woofie Poll at the top of the bloggy!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Vet Blogger: Pups in Tea Cups & Steven Tyler

Here's a great story for Monday & Vet Blogger worth following, click on this link:

The Story of Tumbler

Ps ... Today Mom saw Steven Tyler of Aerosmith in her local Starbucks! She does not like Rock-n-Roll ... But is was fun to see Steven & his entourage. He was very nice!

Little Bunny

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Mom's a Meez!

Do you see that girl in the straw hat on the right side of our bloggy? You do? That is our Mom!

I helped her make her Meez. Notice her outfit & background, this is where Mom & I have our best quality time - Outside. It is the only time I like to sit in her lap & purr like a crazy kitty. It makes us both very happy.

Notice Mom's outfit. She is wearing a t-shirt & pajama bottoms. She really does this. And her long sleeve button down has Skeeto repellent in it. Those Skeetos love to bit Mom & Tannie Man's ears too! Not me.

Hey, help your Beans make a Meez. Just click on Mom's straw hat & you'll go to the Meez web site. It's FREE!



Friday, July 30, 2010

Reach for the Sky - It's FRIDAY

Sing along with us ...

"I don't care if monday's blue
tuesday's grey and wednesday too
thursday i don't care about you
it's friday I'm in love

monday you can fall apart
tuesday wednesday break my heart
thursday doesn't even start
it's friday I'm in love

saturday wait
and sunday always comes too late
but friday never hesitate...

I don't care if monday's black
tuesday wednesday heart attack
thursday never looking back
it's friday I'm in love

monday you can hold your head
tuesday wednesday stay in bed
or thursday watch the walls instead
it's friday I'm in love

saturday wait
and sunday always comes too late
but friday never hesitate...

dressed up to the eyes
it's a wonderful surprise
to see your shoes and your spirits rise
throwing out your frown
and just smiling at the sound
and as sleek as a shriek
spinning round and round
always take a big bite
it's such a gorgeous sight
to see you in the middle of the night
you can never get enough
enough of this stuff
it's friday
I'm in love

And I don't care if monday's blue
tuesday's grey and wednesday too
thursday I don't care about you
it's friday I'm in love

monday you can fall apart
tuesday wednesday break my heart
thursday doesn't even start
it's friday I'm in love"

~ The Cure

Here's why we're so happy ... We all have a place!


Tannie Man, Daisy Jiji & THAT Little Bunny


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Men-with-Tools ~ "I love them" Blackie

It's me Blackie!

((((Guess what?))))

There were Men-with-Tools & big smelly boots in our house! Look what they did ...

Oh my GOSH, where did the wall go? Tannie inspects these very strange doors.

And, WHAT is that big opening next to the windows? Little Bunny hops on her tree & Tannie watches below.

Daisy Jiji take time to give her tummy a cat bath ... In Mom's office.

Now that the men are gone ... When Mom works there is room for all of us. Before we would crowd her while she worked & get into kitty spats. Now there is so much space & we can see Mom from any part of both of the rooms!

The BEST part is, I got to get a head pat from one of the Med-with-Tools. I was jittery & nervous. Mom could tell I wanted to bond. So one of the nice Men approached me. I got a quick head pat & ran off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cool -n- HOT, by Tannie Man aka Sweet T

Dear Furry Friends & Beans,

Thank you all for posting while Mom has our bloggy in SPAM mode. We got one SPAM that I covered in the litter box!!

Now ... For the Cool -n- HOT!

Me: HOT ! [click on the pic to see my handsome refection]
Pool: Cool
Me: No swim

Blackie: Once, he took a dip with Mom right by his side. She was not happy & came in with a wet Blackie. He licked his toes & shook salt water all over us. Me I am too smart to take a dip. Mom said Blackie looked like a wet baby duck & he could swim - WOW. He was in the water a total of 10 seconds - No worries, he growls at the water on the side he hopped in. Silly B!

Me: HOTTEST ginger tabby whippy curly tail ever!
Hibiscus: Coolest pretty colors.

Me: Hey, not in the picture ... Not Cool or HOT!
Hibiscus: So pretty! I just ignore it & walk on by.

All of you: Very Cool & HOT!

How is your July?
Any trooders in your places?
We gots some mousies outside.
And some men with tools are taking a wall out in between our favorite rooms ... LOUD noises. =O.O=

Nose rub,
The Tannie Man

Psst: Looking away from that Hibiscus ... Mom gushes over it, to much!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I tried to catch a Giant Swallowtail ... But, instead ....

Mom yelled at me. ME! The Sweetest Tannie Man.

She yelled at me. ME! The kitty that snuggles with her every night!

And yelled at me. ME! Her sweet boy.

(Psst. If I got this flittery thingy, I would have EATEN him ... Shhhhhh, don't tell my Mom, k?)

This is me after Mom yelled at me ... I went looking for frogs or something ... PFFT!

Click on the pics to see how wonderful & pretty I am. I am in the tall grass Mom sectioned off for me. See that window ... Each night That Little Bunny stays up late, past midnight, looking out into my tall grass -- mousies-n-stuff!

The very sneaky Tannie Man

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A new litter box for the SPAM!

Just for the SPAM ... Daisy Jiji & Sweet T approved!

[To those who ask ... Mom has a vintage piece of luggage for all the kitties to use to hop up on every bed in the house. Blackie has special little vanity seats in the bathroom from Pier 1.}

The Whippy Curly Tails

Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't forget ...

Hello from Little Bunny ... That's me doing the "Hidey" from the Boogeymanz below.

We have a special treat for all you furries! So, stop your Sunday bath to read this. Those furrs can wait. K?

Our Mom has made a special Awardy for the furries that have posted pics of the Hidey poses. We knowz this to be impawtant because the Boogeymanz & Bugbears are always on the looose!
Just today, I thought I heard one. Mom always has to stop what she is doing & go check out the situation. (Sometimes I just stare into space fur nothing - Tannie does it too. Don't tell Mom but, we like to see her jump up & go looks for Boogeymanz!}

The Awardy is like the Gold Oscars in Hollywood. Our Awardy is the Golden Bunnies!!!! {Named after me!}
Click on it ... It links to our bloggy.


Happiest of days ....
The Whippy Curly Tails



{{{ SPAM }}} Nooooooooooooo!



Mom put the kabosh on the comments.
Her email was getting hit too!
Pls continue to comment ... We love to hear from youz allz!


Thx for your patience.
Bad Blogspot ... Hard to tell how to elimate my email from view in comment section.
The Mom

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleeping Contest ~ Our Entry! Zzzzzz

A Spring nap in April .... Zzzzz,

Hey furries, we learned about the Snooze contest from Katnip Lounge. Here is our entry!

Close up of the Little-est Bunny asleep out in the porch. She loved it out here when the weather was in the low 70's. Not so much now that it's in the 90's.

Here's the group shot below ... LB snuggled in, she's the gray kitty. Tannie aka The Sweet T, the gold boy enjoying a fine nap. And Blackie, waiting for a bird or squirrel friend to hop by!

Psst. You can click on the pics to see the gang better ... Every whisker!

Happy naps to all,
The Whippy Curly Tails

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hibiscus, Daisy Jiji blends, Skinnygirl Margs & Froggy

Happy Summer to all!

We are baking in the sun ... Eek its been hot!

The organic garden is busting out thx to Mother Nature's rain festival. It also helps to have connections to a very 'hot' Horticulturist. He'z very hot, like a long tall drink of Texas tea. Nice to find a good man with a soil degree from Texas A&M.

Say hello to a vintage froggy door knocker ... He rests amongst the bird food ...

Daisy Jiji got motivated & found a new toy ... Old tall lampshade wrapped in thin strips of illusion. When I run the blender she runs around in circles in this new toy. Funny!

What I blend to stay cool & trim. Just add sweet strawberries! Watch out tho ... Drink it like Kool-Aid & you will be wiped out.

Just planted a new hibiscus plant ... Great sales at all the nurseries! This one is very tall. I planted it in a pot. Hopefully I can keep it alive during the winter inside.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!

Daisy Jiji sends her best, Blackie & Tanner are eating all the Catnip I planted, Little Bunny likes to sniff the Patchouli & Miss Simba watches the frogs hop by the lagoon at night ...

All the Whippy Curly Tails

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Daisy Jiji's 4th of July - Let's go!!!

Oh, hello ... Gotta run!

My attention span is super short ... Cuz I am the Daisy Jiji. Hey, what's that? Bye .........

[To all Happy 4th or happy day. I finally took the time to try to capture Miss Crazy Town. One photo just wasn't enough. She just moves to fast & wants lots of pets along the way. Here is a sample of 5 minutes with Daisy Jiji! While I chased her around with my iPhone, all the other cats were sound asleep - Always the case. Daisy meeps at me until I play with her when the gang naps. Enjoy ... The youngest & crazyest of my bunch ~ Miss Daisy Jiji.]

Footnote: Daisy Jiji has finally gone to sleep. She enjoyed the photo shoot. Especially getting to be lifted into the cabinet with the toilet paper. I got a couple of biteys when I lifted her out!

Whenever Daisy eats she must have me there to pet her head. She happily crunches on Blackie's dry food while I sit & provide a head massage. Blackie usually watches. Yes, this all occurs in the master bathroom. It's a long story, but it works for everyone!

Daisy wrapped up her photo session at Little Bunny's snack area in the guest bedroom. A rare moment for Daisy Jiji. Usually LB chases her out. Instead she got a big snack for her hard work as a kitty model!

WCT's mom