Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Avatar - Ginger fishy tea


Mom drew this in 2006 ... It's our new avatar! Do you like it?

Mr Tannie Man & Miss Simba Kitty

PS.  See the kitty wrestlin below ... It's funny!


Wrestlin ... Ms David & Mr Goliath!


Hellooooooo All you furries!

The Whippy Curly Tails are doing very well ... Not one of them is "under the weather"! Thanks goodness.

Here is pic of Miss Daisy Jiji & Mr Tannie Man the ginger boy. They have become the best of wrestlin friends. Tannie weights about 12 lbs & Daisy Jiji 8lbs. They are hilarious to watch.  

~ Look at Tannie Man's big fluffy tail in the pic.  This is mid-wrestle.

I truly believe that this relationship has given Tannie his second life. He is so happy. I have even witnessed several moments in which Daisy Jiji has head-locked Tannie in order to give him a complete head bath!!!

I had gotten Daisy Jiji for Little Bunny ... They are both close in age. DJ is 9 months old. Late at night these 2 wild girls run all over the house. They terrorize all the house plants & Miss Simba. No worries about Miss Simba ... She has found high ground & has an impressive hiss!

Purrs & Spring head pats to all,
The WCT's Mom