Monday, August 23, 2010

A DOG! ~ Tannie Man byline

Hello from Tannie Man aka Sweet T!

This is mom balancing a doggie bagel on her boots.
She has boots now because somedoggie nips at her ankles.
She used the bagel to 'divert' him.

Mom's Canine Behavior Consultant is training Mom to train the doggie.
He will be big & will need to be a "Good Boy" says Mom.

=((Really Mom is being trained, to help the doggie.))=
See, she is already doing tricks!!

This is me Tannie Man.
I once ruled the backyard.

This is the pea gravel garden Mom & I built Sunday morning.
I snoopurrvised.
Mom is growing Patchouli in that green pot.
She says it smells like a candle.

This is a puppy in our meadow.
With his ball.
At 6:15 am in the MORNING!

This is that same puppy after a game of Mom-is-trying-to-water-the-garden.
Trying, she says.
Puppy will grow like weeds, I guess.

This is that same wet puppy.
At 6:25 am in the MORNING!

This is him at 7:15 am.
Still in the MORNING.
His name is KingBaby.

Our Mom is tired.
Too much MORNING.

Oh & guess what, Sunday MORNING at 6:15 am she took me out.
I sniffed everywhere King had been & looked for mousies.
Mom enjoyed a nice cup of hot tea.
She says I am the best outdoor independent Boy!

Tannie Man
& The Whippy Curly Tails
& A very tired Mom.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sneaky Snake song & a Puppy road trip with Rose Jugglers

Big news Furries!!!

Miss LizzyBean & I are gonna trek out to the country to meet this guy:

He is part: Mastiff/Boxer/Australian Shepherd aka Furry Horse!

Lucky for me Miss LizzyBean, owner of a horse/dog Sammie & cutie Alice will be meeting the pup with me.

See the pup with his pink tub ... He gives kitty rides in it. His human Mom says one of the young kitties in the house wrestles with him & then gets a ride in the tub. This is what endeared me to this guy.

Love that little kitty paw - MEOW!

Wish us luck!!
We will be singing the Sneaky Snake song in the car on the way there ...

Whippy's Mom

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We crashed this Club ... Hi Jonsie!!

Look what our Mom joined for us!
Click on it the pic.

Our Mom is a party crasher ... Hope they don't mind.


Tannie Man
Master Gardener & Mousie Watcher

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Woofie Poll, Friends & 7 Things ....

Long, long, long ... Weekend!

First, everyone pls vote on the Woofie Poll above.
See Tommy's comment in the Poll. So sweet!

Next, our friend Brynn makes friends with Blackie.
Previously Blackie would always hiss at Brynn.
Brynn had lots of smells on her feet. Woofie smellzzz.
But, you bring Blacke treats & you are friends for life.
See the photo below ... Click on it for a better view!

Status on the Woofie search: CRAZY! The story from our Mom:
Currently I have filled out 4 different Dog Rescue applications.
Mostly for Golden Retrievers. 'GR'
My goal is to find a good natured dog that will fit in well with all the kitties.
Based upon my research, I am convinced a puppy/young dog will be best for all.
There are many puppies that show up in care of the Rescue Groups.

The crazy part:
Friday I contacted one Group with a cute GR puppy.
The dog was unavailable because Friday it was transported to Colorado. WHAT?
They load up Texas dogs & 6 times a year transport them all to a PetsMart in Colorado hoping they will be adopted.
The puppy I liked was adopted by someone in Colorado today.

Now, 7 things about me, Mom, via an Awardy from:
Katz and other Tales

1. I am looking at the Honda Element with the "Doggie Package"
2. I jumped in the Rose Jugglers pool with my dress on yesterday. Heehee!
3. This morning I cried at the end of a great book: The Dog House, by Carol Prisant
4. Tannie Man sleeps under my arm every night in bed
5. I feel bad that Blackie must have insulin shots 2x a day
6. I am so proud that my Milkweed has survived the Texas heat
7. I am lucky to have good friends like Lizzie Bean, Brynn Bean & all their critters!

Hugs every furry!!


Friday, August 06, 2010

Mom has Woofie-Itis & is "Mad-Ish"

Major news ... Our Mom has officially lost her mind!

She has.
It is true.

Just look at this pic below ... She thinks this is herself.
Just where are the cats, we ask! ???

AND, she brought a WOOFIE in our house.

The Woofie is gone now.
Mom says the Woofie was not right for our family
(Note to Mom - Uh, no Woofie, Thx!)

----- The Story -----

Mom has always wanted a Woofie.
She grew up with Boston Terriers "BT".

Based upon the BT's visit last night, Mom is going for a Golden Retriever.
~ Long story ...
Mom found one & hopes to meet it tomorrow.
She is a pretty rescue girl of 3 months old.
Combo of Lab & Golden, reported to be shy.
Yeah right!

Anywhoo, Mom has been inspired by these good dogs! They live with cats & are good friends with the cats:
Tommy & Bibi-Chan
Alice & Sammy

BTW, the BT that came to visit us last night was very interesting.
I sat on the other side of the inside dining room glass french doors & hissed at the BT.
I got very fluffy & just hissed a lot like a snake.
I also did not move from the glass!
I was transfixed.

Blackie joined me.
He let me do all the hissing.
The BT barked at us.

Mom says the BT was deaf & could not hear us.

Needless to say Blackie & I were very curious.
Mom says, clueless!

The other kitties in the house were under Mom's bed with the door shut.

Although Daisy Jiji puffed up like a blowfish before Mom whiskered her away. Hee hee!
Tannie Man aka Sweet T

Psst: Do the Woofie Poll at the top of the bloggy!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Vet Blogger: Pups in Tea Cups & Steven Tyler

Here's a great story for Monday & Vet Blogger worth following, click on this link:

The Story of Tumbler

Ps ... Today Mom saw Steven Tyler of Aerosmith in her local Starbucks! She does not like Rock-n-Roll ... But is was fun to see Steven & his entourage. He was very nice!

Little Bunny