Monday, February 22, 2010

Kirby does The Hidey - Awardy Time!!

Kirby is number 10!!  
Kirby does the Hidey Dearest Kirby get your awardy in our profile section.

Little Bunny & the Whippy Curly Tails

Nose touches to ya ... See my big fluffy tail in my post below ...

THAT Little Bunny explores the ScReEn - Sniffee

Hi Daisy Jiji here!!

Did you know that Little Bunny is part squirrel? I mean, look at that TAIL of herz in the photo below - click on the pic to see how BIG her tail is!  We are seeing a side of That Little Bunny that was secret to all of us.

She has become very frisky & growls a lot at squirrels - And me! Hey, what's up with THAT ?!?

Will you just look at her sniffying the screen ... She is a very graceful Little Bunny, but with a fierce attitude. We love to see her tail get really big, like in the photo below. Mom says she could use a big duster about that size!

The second photo is a nice one of Little Bunny & her boyfriend Blackie ... He loves the porch & sits on Mom's lap. We were very surprised about him being an outdoor porch lap kitty - Not me, I scamper all around. BTW ... Did I tell you I climb ladders really well???? I do. Pictures soon. (Tall ladders in the house!)

Have a great Monday & thx for all the notes ... We love to hear from you & read your bloggies,
Daisy Jiji - Expert ladder climber & ladder walk-downer,

Ps.  Mom chopped down all the bushes around the porch - We couldn't see through them & they were causing house problems.  Yippee - Better views & a happier housey!!  Flowers soon, Mom says - After all the snow.  We love snow - That Little Bunny growls at snow - Sillyness!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We have snow & a screened in PorcH !!


Dearest Furriest of all our Friends & those with human hair too!

We have had SNOW & lots of it. The best part of it is that we have a new home with a screened in porch!!

Yes we do ... A porch, with fabulous views of birds & squirrels AND birds & squirrels AND birds & squirrels.

The photos below ...
First you will see me, Daisy Jiji, with mom's colorful socked feet & a small amount of snow.

Second you will see me, again, in our PORCH watching anything move!

Last you will see the illusive Miss Simba kitty looking at all that SNOW!

Below for details of our new home - We moved in late January, just before the record breaking SNOW!

So, here is the story:

Mom searched & searched for a home that would be purrfect for all of us.  You see, mom has never owned her own home.  We helped her by sharing all of our needs ...

Blackie - Big bathroom with lots of counter space.  Prefer 2 sinks because Little Bunny will try to snuggle with me & I must run to the other side.  Enough room for a towel bed by each sink & a good view of anything outside.  A nice bathtub with cool water would be nice.  I would also like to see the laundry being washed. I have heard of these front load washers.  

Tannie Man - Bedroom big enough for the bed.  I must snuggle with you anytime you are in bed!

Miss Simba - Why do we need to move?  I don't like the carrier & don't want to move.

Little Bunny - Porch please!  I want to run wild in any neighborhood & chase anything that moves.  No screens on any windows & good views of Humans walking their dogs ... I want to growl at them!

Daisy Jiji - I love to move & I love my carrier!!  Let's move every month.  I would like to chat with squirrels - I learned squirrel-speak before you adopted me - Top Secret, can't tell you about that.  I would also like a big walk-in closet for my bedroom.  I like to sleep high above all the clothing & YOU!

Little Bunny & Daisy Jiji - We want a hallway with no carpet so we can chase each other & ski across the floor.  Practicing for Kitty Olympics.  Would like to Halfpipe, so we need the hall to break hard to the right.  Purrzzzzzz!

Our home - Everyone got their wish, except Little Bunny:  The porch is screened in & LB is not allowed to run wild outside.  But she does love running wild with Daisy Jiji in the Halfpipe hallway.  They spend time skiing into the wall with glee!!

Hugs & purrs to all of YOU,
Whippy Curly Tail's Mom