Sunday, October 02, 2005

Blackie's 5 things..

5 Things...
Mom got this from the Flying Piggies Blog and mom said I could do this....

5 Things I plan to do before I die:
1. Eat dry food every day
2. Chased the new stick toy for a good hour each day!
3. Learn to speak the human english language, so I can make sure I explain how much I love dry food
4. Learn to drive
5. Get that Miss S to stop nibbling on my toes when I am about to go to sleep

5 Things I can do:
1. Chase my stick toy around mom's bed for about 1 minute
2. Hide in my mom's walkin closet when I hear thunder.
3. Growl very loudly when someone knocks on the front door.
4. Stock that crazy Tannie Man and scare him good.
5. Woof down dry food very fast

5 Things I cannot do:
1. Open the cabinet to get the dry food.
2. Turn on the bathtub faucet for water.
3. Open the catnip tub.
4. Talk to birds and squirrels
5. Order more dry food online!

5 Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Dry food
2. Dry food
3. Dry food
4. Dry food
5. Dry food

5 Things I say most often:
1. "purrrrrrrr"
2. "grrrrrrrrrr."
3. "rorlwwwwwww?"
4. "yowlllllllllll."
5. "meowwwww"

5 Celebrity crushes:
1. Oreo & Edsel
2. Timothy--rescue kitty!
3. Shaggy & the gang
4. Ginger & Nanu
5. Splash..even if he is a dog!

5 animals I would like to pass this on to:
ANY Furry who wants to play!


Freda said...

My dad had a black cat once. His name was Boston, after Boston Blackie. Dad had to give him up when he moved to Australia a long time ago. Wonder where he is now? (Both Boston and my dad.)

I like Blackie's 5 Things. In many cases my 5 Things would be the same. Weird how cats and dogs can some times think alike. Must be in that other universe behind our left shoulder.



Shaggy and Scout said...

...............5 things......hmmmmm.........hmmmm
Blackie you look like a beanie baby in that cute picture! We need to think about our 5 things.......hmmmmm

Edsel/The Pooch said...

1. what an adorable kitten picture.
2. you really, really like dry food
3. a celebrity??? i don't think so.......but thank you for the thought

CottonMangoLFortunaRGirlGFeather said...

*psst* Meow, meow meew mew, we'll work on this later, when mom's asleep. or maybe when she's at work. It depends on our sleep schedule. but we think it looks like fun. Purrr