Thursday, December 25, 2008

I saw Santy Claws ... I did!

Hello ... Miss S here,

I told Mom that I heard Santy Claws hop down our chimney last nite. I first thought is was that crazy Blackie lurking around trying to chase me like he always does - What is up with that! But no, it was this big fluffy guy in a red & white jumpsuit.

He really scared me. I scare easy cus I am still a little bit ferrel ... Even though I have been inside with the WCTs for 8 years. So I was about to run up the stairs & slink under the bed, when I heard tap tap tap ...

Could it be? YES! Santy brought me a treat. My favorite snack ... A jar of beef Baby Food! Mom couldn't get me to eat in the summer, so the Vet felt my tummy & some other things I won't talk about ... Then said feed Simba Baby Food - YES!!!

Santy & I had a nice time. He even fed me my snack out of my own spoons. Ha ... Mom thinks I will only eat out of spoons, but I would probably eat regular, but I deserve special time with Mom with a spoon.

I hope all you furries got to meet Santy. He is real nice! But his breath smells funny ... Like cookies, ick!

Happy Mouseyristmas,
Miss Simba Kitty & The Whippy Curly Tails


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Lux said...

Oh Miss Simba Kitty,

I can see from your face that Santy's breath stunk! But how very exciting that you *saw hime and that he brought you beef baby food! :)

Merry Christmas to all, and thanks so much for your words of support.