Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rrramone's kitties: Peek-a-boo & Elvis

Hello Furry Friends,

This is a note from Miss S!

I noticed that all you furries have been wondering about Elvis. You wonder why our Mom likes him and why does she come home with his smell on her jeans. Right?

Well, Mom has a new friend named Rrramone. These 2 kitties let him live with them. And they like my Mom stop by to visit ~ they love to have their pictures taken. Big hams! Our Mom says she asks Rrramone where their cat toys are and then she tosses the toys for the 2 kitties to chase. (She also goes to their kitchen and gives them treats!!)

Rrramone makes sure the kitties never go outside and they have plenty of good places to sleep/sunbathe/birdwatch/etc. If you look at the last post you will see that Rrramone left a comment! Also click on the next sentence to see a drawing he made of Peekaboo! Peekaboo dreams...

I hope that answers all your question? (I am really glad that they are not coming to live with us. Else I would be tired from having to bite so many kitty toes. It is hard enough to chase Blackie around the house to nibble on his toes ... sheesh!)

Meow ... fm Miss S.
The new kitty movie star on YouTube.

BTW< Blackie & I made a movie of Tannie Man. Mom is helping us add music ... come back soon!


Just Ducky said...

That is one Gorgeous Ginger there.

Teri said...

Elvis looks just like my house brother, Bumpers. Dont tell Bumpers I said this but he is a very handsome poodin.

Willie Baronet said...

What happened to peekaboo's tail?? :-)

Willie Baronet said...

Where is peekaboo's tail?? :-)