Thursday, July 27, 2006

Profile in Courage ... Mr. Blackie

Hello furries,

Another hard day for me. I have to keep a lookout for Miss S cuz she likes to pretend she loves me then she bites my paws. Mom says they are love bites, but that doesn't fool me ... Miss S is just crazy. Hmph!

Then there is my brother Tannie Man. If he sees Mom pay any attention to me, he runs right over and tries to get Mom to kiss him ... you have seen his sweet looks ~ just like Zoolander.

So here I sit, just waiting for something to happen. There is good news ... sometimes Mom just tippy toes over to me and whispers sweet nothings in my ear ... that way Tannie Man can't hear her talking to me ... I love that!

Mr. Blackie

Ps. I hope all you kitties out there are cool. It's just too hot!


The Meezers or Billy said...

Miles is all way jealous of me when I gets loves from Mommy - he has to butt himself into our love time too. - Sammy

Katt said...

Hi Kitties! I just found your blog because you left a comment on mine. You are all perfect specimenses of feline-dom. And your blog is beautiful! *purr*


Oh my Mr. Blackie you are so sweet I can see why your Mom can't resist you. Sweet nothings in your ear how fun!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Blackie, you needs to foller yur mom when Tannie Man's in the, you know, litter. Then she can snuggle you wifout him. I nefur tried nibblin Bonnie's toes... thanks fur the idea!

jenianddean said...

Sometimes it's just not easy, is it? I have a sister who likes to hog attention, too, and even though she's the smallest, she has to wrestle everyone.