Sunday, June 01, 2008

Quite time for Tannie Man

It's hard being a big tough gold kitty.
Many naps are required.

Mom has made us some very snuggly beds.
Since our woft has no rooms we have snuggly spots everywhere.

Night night,
Tannie Man

1 comment:

Victor Tabbycat said...

No rooms? Does dat mean, she can't shut you away when bisitors invade?

Tannie Man, I gots sum bad mews an I hope you can break it gently to yur mom. My sisfur Bonnie wented to the Rainbow Bridge on May 22. She was sick <24 hours, then goned. She was only 11. I's keepin my beans cheered up, or tryin to. But I kinda miss the growlin, hissin an whappin. Purrs!