Saturday, February 07, 2009

Little Bunny gets MAD - swipes Mom!

Hey Bloggy Beans,

It's me Mom speaking! The Whippys allowed me to tell my story. But I have to whisper, because I am still in the proverbial "dog house" with the Little Bunny "LB" !

Well, I got in trouble today with the LB. And I got a feisty nip & swipe for it - Ouch! I will tell my story in a moment, below ... Here are a couple pics I took after the "nip". The second one pretty much captures LB'S attitude ... WHATEVER MOM!

A little background on the LB:

1. She is the youngest kitty of my indoor herd of 4. The vet thinks she is about 1 year old - The other 3 are around 8 years old.

2. LB has lots of energy!

3. She is a cats cat - She plays well with all 3 kitties & respects when they are done playing. She even gives Miss Simba a run for her money.

4. She & I play with 1 of her 4 feather sticks multiple times a day.

5. She has her own room ... The "Attic" which is simply a nice shoebox sized space with no windows. It contains a full sized bed, litter box, chest of drawers, lots of LB fave toys & it is clearly LBs most favorite place to play - With me!! When I walk upstairs, LB races up past me, like a rocket-ship, straight into her Attic ... Chattering loudly all the way.

6. This little cat, whom I rescued from my old neighborhood, has a heart of gold ... A sweetheart!

{{{ The Story of the Nip ~ told by Sweet T }}}

Hi ya alls. I saw what happened & knows that LB just wants play times. She always does.

Mom was just sitting in the big fluffy sofa, typing on her puter, reading all yourz blogs. She loves to do that. We like to hear your storiez too. That Luxor is white, Parker always haz things going on, Daisy is a cutie & thoze dogs out there ... WOW! Wooffies Mom tells us. Garden kats, island & Meezers, some with Little Feets.

Anywayz, LB got mad at Mom, cuz she was not in the Attic playin with her. Mom works hard & needs a break sometimes. LB just doesn't know that cuz she is a teenager kitty ... That's what Mom says.

LB gave Mom a booboo! Mom leans over to tell LB "hold on & play time soon, k?" Mom is about to pet the LB & LB strikes ... A big swipe with that gray paw - Whapp!!!!

Mom let out a yelp & I came running! Even Blackie.

Sheesh! We all gots scareded. But not Mom ... She tells us its OK. LB freaked out some too.

Mom told LB that after lunch, she will paint a wall in LBs Attic & whip all those feather sticks around while we all watch the paint dry. {The paint is this "green" stuff .. Mom says it is odorless & has no chemicalz that are bad in it ... Its yellow like our other wallz.}

I fink LB strayed mad for awhile ... Cuz then Mom took these pics. Then Mom gots LBs cat grass & rubbed it on her belly ... She likes that grass ... Mom sayz it reminds LB of her old days livin in the HOOD.

Have you Beans been swiped at??? I never do that to Mom ... Only LB. She does love bites too!

Sweet T aka The Wrestler



Lux said...

Yep, my mom's been swiped at. It usually happens when she's been stroking Ninna and then starts to walk away. Ninna leaps into the air and tries to grab her arm to keep her there!

Teehee about liking to read that I am white! :)

We're glad everything turned out okay!

Mason Dixie said...

Hope your mom is okay. I can come and give her some big sloppy kisses to help heal her boo boo. =)

WCTs said...

Lux ... Guess what, LB is snoozing next to me now. She is making up. But I do owe her lots of playtime!! We luv U BTW. Big crushes over here!

MD ... Sloppy kisses welcome. BTW, I hope to have a woof woof like you next year!! Meantime your visits are most appreciated.



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Tank woo fur saying those purrring those nice things and fur visiting my khorner...

I like to get my mom's attention with a paw to the thigh!

Hope your mom is okay!

PeeEssWoo: Once again, that's a KHAT fur woo!

Quill and Greyson said...

I'm sure it's never been without a good reason. She is just so tasty too.

Cat with a Garden said...

We are sure that LB was confused for something, but it must be scary to get swiped. A reminder of our force which we normally don't use...
Our mom met Chilli's claws the other day too, you can see the outcome here.
It was an accident though. We're sending purrs, just in case!
Siena & Chilli

Sunny's Mommy said...

Sunny does that sometimes. When you walk by and he's laying down he'll paw at your feet. Or when he's having his belly rubbed, suddenly he'll want to grab, kick and play.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

I take swipes at my mom on occasion. I am gentle though. It usually happens when I am excited. I don't mean to hurt anyone.