Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Apple & The Rainbow Bridge ...

Dear Furry Friends & all you Beans,

Hello from me Tannie Man ... I wanted to tell you all to go hug your friends today & be extra snuggly. These are pics of me spending lots of quality time with Mom. I am her biggest snuggle bunny!!

Our Mom took care of a sweet little 3-day old kitten for 24 hours. We named him APPLE. Sadly yesterday evening Apple decided to go the Rainbow Bridge. He was just not ready for our world. We are happy to know that he has many friends to play with.

Remember all you furries ... Go snuggle with your Beans & always try to be friendly to all new kitty friends your Beans bring home! This is me, pic below, telling Mom that Apple is very happy over the bridge ... I will miss Apple, too.

Love & purrs,
The Very much alive Tannie Man aka snuggle bunny

P.s Instead of a comment, Mom wishes that all kitties get an extra treat in memory of Apple & all Beans get a big loud purr or a small luv bitey from each of us!