Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blackie & Tannie when they were kittens

Now you see why I cannot stop kissing these guys!

Many thanks to all the kitties out there, that shared their thoughts on getting kisses. Tannie could not understand why I laughed so much. And thanks to all of you I was extra-motivated to kiss all the kitties even more. Interesting thing about that, Miss S has now be come a kiss addict ... really she wants kisses all the time. WOW, who knew!

Also, I recently received a tag for "5 things".
So I am going to just list 5 things on behalf of Miss S:

Thing I can't do
--Snuggle with Tannie Man, he won't let me

Thing I can do
--Triple axcel jump when mom makes me jump for my stick toy

Things that scare me
--too many to list

Things I love
--nipping Blackies toes when he is just about to fall asleep

Things I hate
--vacuum cleaner

Things random
--I love to jump in my cat tree and back-kick with hind legs really hard

Things I want to do before its over
--snuggle with Tannie

The Whippy Curly Tail's Mom in the Toasty South


TheTart said...

Miss your 5 things.
Try to be nice to Tannie. Do you bite hit paws too?

Smooch to you and your funny Mom,
The Tart

Shaggy and Scout said...

Oh how adorable. Look at those sweet little ears! I want more Kitties!!! sss's mom

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Oh, my, no wonder you want to kiss them all the time! Meow!!!

Kukka-Maria said...

How precious were (are) they?!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.. they are/where darling!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I want a kitten. But last time I wanted one, I got Moose, so I'm leery to ask again... but those pictures are awfully cute...

~ turtle

Ivan from WMD said...

I can't let my mom see those baby babies!

Fat Eric said...

They were really cute kittens...but mum, just because I like this picture, DOESN'T mean I want a kitten to share my house with, OK? We have 9 kitties on the Gorgeous Gingers site now, hope Tannie and Miss S will sign up!

Gigolo Kitty said...

The other day I fell asleep at my study table. GK came over and woke me up with a full on-the-lips kiss. I know he just wanted head-rubs but it was very flattering:)

Victor Tabbycat said...

Ok, I'll admit it... they're cute. But in your house, not mine.

josep-manel said...

Hi Lyn !!
One of my cats is "Violeta" and when she was a pup she was like Blacky.
Now she's 14 but she's like the first day. Watch to her !!

Thanks for your shots.
jm ;-)

Fat Eric said...

Oh, hi again. Just wanted to say that we now have 11 boys on the Gorgeous Gingers site but no ginger if Miss S decides to join, she'll be VERY popular!

Anonymous said...

I'M AN UNCLE! My adopted sister "momma kitty" had her babies! She had four on Sunday morning, before 7am. Then Monday morning when my human momma went to check on them, at 5:30am, she had another one!! Can anyone tell me why or how the more than 24 hour time delay? Momma and the babies are doing good. My human mom said we will probably keep one, but we are waiting to see personalities before we decide.

Ayla said...

They look so cute when they are young, don't they. Who would know that they turn into Brats when they grow up? Bah.

meemsnyc said...

awww, how cute they were as kittens.
I'd kiss them all the time too.

Paul said...

Cute pix of the little guys!