Saturday, July 03, 2010

Litterbox gardening, Swallowtail caterpillars & Hawks!

Hi ya Furries & Beans!!

Miss Simba Kitty writing today.

1st of all, we are all health & happy. As mom says that is a miracle around here. 5 of us kitties are doing noth'in but napping a tossing up an occasional hairball. Life is good!

See the pics below & I will tell a story to each:

You see 3 kitties here: THAT Little Bunny on the right, Tannie Man the gold boy sitting on Daisy Jiji. A very rare moment on the porch for any of us to be almost sitting on one another. Bird watching is prime out here, so we do whatever to get a good spot! Special note: We have seen a Hawk in our yard! Mom runs out there & yells at him. The Bluejays yell at him too ... They are the best alarm system ever! Nature is crazy mom says.

Swallowtail caterpillar top left of pic below - Click on pic to see him better. He is munching out on our mom's Rue. She has bought so much Rue that we have become a caterpillar farm. Mom got netting/wedding veil stuff, to keep the wasps & pesky birds away. And now we have 2 chrysalis ... Which mean big pretty butterflies soon!! BTW, we could care less about caterpillars ... BUT Tannie Man chases butterflies outside. He is too chubby to catch them. But it is fun to watch him run around the yard. Hee hee!

Here is the handsome Tannie Man aka Sweeet T. He is waiting for a butterfly or moth to glide by. To date he has chased many & caught none. When mom waters the plants with the big sprayer Tannie runs into the flower beds or the meadow (non-cut lawn) and hides out like a bandit.

Say hello to our 7 foot tall bee magnet. This tall guy grew from a rogue sunflower seed from the bird food. The bees love him! Currently his big yellow head is hanging low. He's about to drop his seeds! His head is the size of a dinner plate. Look very close at the pic, do you see the bumble bee?

Aww a cute human bean mom saw at the Dallas Arboretum. She went there to get gardening ideas. This little guy was throwing the pea gravel into the flower beds. Imagine that!!!

THAT Little Bunny ... We have learned she is not a big outdoor fan. If it's over 80 degrees, she won't go out on the porch. I guess the grey furs just get to warm. Me ... I will be out no matter what! Rain or shine ... Or thunder. Yep, the feral in me loves the outdoor porch! So, THAT Little Bunny perches on the big dining table & watches us with her green eyes. Mom drops her a treat when she walks in from the porch. Little Bunny trained mom well!

The best for last! See Mr. Blackie below, well he has turned out to be the 'King of the Outdoors'. Who knew?

The story:

Mom only allows Blackie & Tannie outside with her. The rest of us all have feral history & mom is sure we would hop on down the alley never to be seen again. No worries, we are good with that ... We get lotsa good chow, warm clean towels & headrubs daily - The Life!

Anywho, B & T go out with mom when she gardens: Tannie runs around & prefers to be ignored while he is outside. He only comes over for a pet when he wants in. And especially if he needs to go to the litterbox. LOL!

Blackie has completely embraced the entire backyard experience. He has tried to touch noses with a young squirrel - Mom had to spray them with the "mist" selection on the garden hose thingy. The squirrel mom & our mom were flipping out!

Blackie has chased the Mallard ducks. They waddle faster than he runs. When he slinks down in the grass & stalks the ducks his belly & the grass are like one. Mom says he dusts the grass!

The funniest is that Blackie wants out all the time ... He views the backyard as his new litterbox. Hilarious. He will do his business anywhere: flowerbeds, walkways, dirt, leaves & anyplace with a good scent. Mom thinks he is really a dog in a cat's costume.

Lastly & mom says the sweetest: Blackie likes to cuddle outside. He walks up to the vintage wrought iron yard furniture & sadly mews until mom picks him up, sits in a chair & scritches his chin ... For a long time! He has napped in her lap before. I have seen them several times, relaxing under the treed canopy far in the back ... Blackie is snoozing & mom is reading Tweets on her iPhone. Crazy huh?

Purrs & woofs out to all of you ... We hope you are all happy & healthy!
Hugs to your Beans & leave a comment if you feel inclined.

Miss Simba Kitty
'The most feral of them all!'



Cheyenne -Millie said...

King of the Outdoors! We love that!! Ha! Ha! We haves some royalty going on here too this weekend! Great post! We thinks sunflower picture is beautiful! Mom has been growing sunflowers the last three summers and she just loves them and guards them from the dogs with chicken wire!

Katnip Lounge said...

MOL! We loved "caterpillar farm"!

You are funny, Miss Simba Kitty. As is the rest of your feline family...poor Tannie, having to run inside to go! We are holding our sides laughing.

Out of all of us only The Baby gets to go out for supervised strolls; Daddy says she's old and deserves a little time on her own to explore. Plus, she bugs him to death until he gives in. heh heh

WCTs said...

Hello Cheyenne-Millie & the Katnip Lounge,

So glad you dropped by. While you were posting mom was horrified as the King of the Outdoors pounced upon a gorgeous butterfly. Horrors! Mom yelled at the King & the butterfly glided off gracefully ... A close call! The King got many pets & scritches ... And is now napping.

Miss Simba Kitty

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

Your home looks like kitty paradise. Your screened in porch and back yard sound like the most wonderful places to enjoy nature. It sounds like all of you are having great fun. We hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

A few Good Cats said...

Miss Simba, thanks for the update -- we are glad to hear the news is good where you are.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We are glads that butterfly flew away unscathed! Mr. Blackie I bet that was fun to scare your mom!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

What great pikhs!

We are most partial to the sunflower one!


The Island Cats said...

Hi guys!! So nice to hear form all of you!! Your garden is great!! Mom is AMAZED that your sunflower giant grew from a sunflower seed in the bird foods. We don't get to go out much in our garden. Wally gets to go out on supervised walks...he walks mom around! I don't get to go out much anymore since all I wanna do is roll around on the patio and get dirty. Mom is tired of cleaning me off. And Zoey...well, like some of you, mom's afraid the feral in her would kick in and she'd take off...or at least hide underneath the big spruce tree, never to come out again!

We saw a hawk in our yard too...the blue jays were squawking up a storm and eventually chased that big bird off!!!

Have a happy 4th of July!!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We have mockingbirds in our yard and they pester the little stray Mom is feeding. WE do not go out.

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

We are almost a month passing since we visited you and we just had to say this lovely butterfly and garden post and photos are so sweet and summery...nice sunnyflower n bee, too!