Friday, February 17, 2006

Roo trying to catch a Nap!

Originally uploaded by .Nida.
I saw this on Flickr and could not resist posting it.

Do any of you kitties sleep like this?

The Whippys do this sometimes when it is a bit cool in the house.

The WCT's Mom....Lyn


Anonymous said...

I have seen kitties sleep like this.. their little faces plastered into the couch. Funny little creatures :-)

Shaggy and Scout said...

Our oldest boy did that as a baby in his crib. Butt in the air, head shoved into a corner, face down. sss's mom

Just Ducky said...

Oh yeah I can sleep that way. Or at least all curled up on top of myself.

Anonymous said...

I had a calico named Patches who did this when she was scared, except she would shove her little face into the crook of my elbow as I held her. I think she figured that if she couldn't see what was going on, it wasn't happening (such as being at the v-e-t's).

~ tammara

Victor Tabbycat said...

My woman's first cat would sleep on the arm of the sofa, forehead pressed hard against the wall behind it. There was a warm lamp there, but they never figured out the attraction of the wall. I'm not telling!

Carolina Cats said...

Finny does this a lot! Look at the Hint Hint post to see his picture!

F & B's mom

Kathy said...

My big boy-cat sleeps like this all the time! He will shove his face into the back of a chair, not gently, not gingerly, but REALLY shoved into the chair or cushion. It cracks me up!