Saturday, February 25, 2006

A sweet Flickr photo!

Originally uploaded by aside.
I thought this photo was so adorable.

Go to this kitty's owner's photostream on Flickr to see more pics.

The are just adorable.

I just want to kiss that furry head!


Unknown said...

so cute the picture!!! welcome to my blog...=^.^=

Anonymous said...

I want to kiss the furry toes :-). I love kitty feet.

kasturi said...

darling kitties! love the photo

thanks for visiting my 'dao of wallace stevens' weblog.

i feature photos of my cat, Bela, the Amber Prince, on my knitting blog. You can link to it from Wally.

Anonymous said...

i came across this and i was so touched!! that's my kitty!!! i (and george) thank you very much