Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blackie needs Diet Tips...blogger friends help!

Dear blogger furry friends, Blackie has gotten very chubby and is not to comfortable. I have removed his kitty bowl that always had lots of dry food in it. The other kitties have no interest in dry food! He is so sad when he walks to his bowl and sees no dry food...I filled it with a small amount of wet food. My poor BBB.

Tonight I played with Blackie and the gold kitties...feather sticks and toy balls. Do any of you have any diet tips or feeding recommendations?

I would love to hear your pets feeding habits. xxx ooo The Whippy Curly Tails =^..^=


andrea said...

Hi Lyn. He's a sweetheart but that feline obesity thing can be a pain. I suggest feeding him like a dog: twice a day and when he's done take the bowl away. If I let my dogs free feed they'd be obese. Fortunately my cat is slim-by-nature.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm an anonymous fan who just loves pet blogs and I saw this and had to tell you that you are not alone. I had to remove the bowl here too and she sits by the place where the bowl used to be FOR HOURS looking pitiful. She's not hungry, she just wants to see a full bowl. It is heart breaking. But we have to do this, both you and I, out of tough love for our kitties. It will work! Just hang tough.

babbles said...

Don't we all wish for a healthy and satisfying diet. Lots of luck finding one. I can't help with this as I am afraid Heidi will one day be obese. When I put out her dry food, she gives me a look that says "you gotta be kidding"!! I want what you are having.
I now have Heidi's picture, pre cable gnawing, on my site. All you can see is a little dark spot till you blow it up. She is 3 months old in the picture. I tried to get rid of the "blue eye", but program only wanted to do away with "red eye".
Keep the pretty pictures coming. I may have to be owned by a cat as well as Heidi.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Lyn, I'm having the same problem with Shaggy, and with Scooby to a lesser extent. There is a fantastic site:
It has lots of information about how cats are obligate carnivores and should be fed a meat-based diet rather than a dry diet that is primarily corn fillers, soy, rice, & other grains. The author calls it "meat flavored cereal". Cats need meat. I haven't done it but I am going to switch to an all canned diet, feeding twice a day. The article says cat's don't need to have food available at all times. It's good to get a little hungry. An excellent canned food is Wellness. It's more expensive but it is high quality human-grade food with no fillers. However, the article also says that even the cheapest canned food is better than dry. It also gives hints about switching to a canned diet. I thought it was the canned food making them fat, when actually it's the dry! Sorry this is long, but I'm going through the same thing as you are & wanted to share. I started Scout on it from day 1 with no problem.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Another site with lots of good info is:
I've been doing a lot of research, as you can tell. now I just need to make my move! Scooby, Shaggy & Scout's Mom

Anonymous said...

My Dad goes to and they actually have pretty sound advice. Sure, they have a Purina bias, but the knowledge base is good. Mom and Dad have us on the indoor cat formula, but we have the opposite problem. I have no interest in the wet food, but Huggy Bear (also a black cat) will eat anything and everything and he's getting chubby too. Mom and Dad are struggling with how to cutrail his eatting while not depriving the rest of us. Good luck and let us know what works.

WCTs said...

Wow, I can't believe everyone knows I am getting chubby. But, I would like to feel better! =^..^=

My mom is going to read all these great suggestions. She likes the one about removing my food bowl. Even though I love my ceramic heart bowl and I am the only one to eat out of it, she thinks that it would be better for me.

Last night my mom got off her computer and spent a lot of time playing with us...we chased our stick toys and ran after this mouse on fishing rod type thingy! Mom says we need a cardio work out...I like to chase Miss S, because she nibble on my toes!

My mom read all these comments to her Mom, they laughed a lot. Now my grandma is going to put her kitty on a diet too!

Meep, thanks for all the great tips, I really want to stay healthy. Huggy Bear please join me in Chubby Black Kitties unite to drop some lbs!

=^..^= Blackie (also known as "The B" or "The BBBBBBBBB")

The Tart said...

Lyn....great question and to all good kitty is chubby too! BBB is in good company.

Will check out the Wellness canned food and prepare kitty for bowl removal. <: -)

Anonymous said...

Science Diet has excellent diet-type food...I think it's R/D...lots of fiber that helps your baby feel a little full. Giving your kitty green beans with the food helps too.

The wet food is a great idea, however, I would still keep a little bit of dry food in the diet...kitties need something crunchy to keep those teeth healthy and help with tartar buildup.

I strongly recommend talking to your vet. You know they keep up with the latest in nutritional info (or, at least they should!) and can help you establish a feeding regimen. And try the Science Diet's website...I don't have it off the top of my head, but you could google it with no problem I'm sure.

I have a little fatty oldest cat Amelia. I call her my little fat girl. LOL.

Good luck.

oldwhitelady said...

My Sgt Mango Goldstein... has also gained weight since I got him. I know I filled the cat feeder just the other day and it is now almost empty. I've watched him at it. He goes over and puts his paw under the spout and brings enough chow to hunker down and stay awhile. He must do that plenty times a day!

Anonymous said...

My Kitty eats a daily Teddy and bites for snacks whenever she pleases. She would like to see you boo hoo all night and need to move in with Carla, the fish, Hellcat & the blonde chics };-}

WCTs said...

LOL to Anon, no way with the blonde chics!

Anonymous said...

But your avatar says you are blonde and can't decide whether to be Miss Red Riding Hood or Cowgirl??? Confused - you must have gone grey later with age.