Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blackie's Questions

Today I was in the kitchen and napping by the window. My mom sneaked up on me and took this picture. I usually jump when I hear the camera noise, but today I was enjoying the sunshine.

I would like to know the following, from you:
1. What does your human mom/dad do that drives your crazy?
2. Are you scared of thunder? If yes, where do you hide? (I run in the walk-in closet!)



babbles said...

Yes, I'm afraid of thunder. I usually hide behind my mom's recliner. I also hide back there when my mom turns on the vent-a-hood, fries eggs, or other noisy things in the kitchen. I am a year old mini doxie. Check out my mom's blog by typing in "doxie v rottie". Hang in there.


Myst and Blackie said...

Hi, Blackie!

1. Mom drives us both crazy when she picks us up - we don't like to be held!

Yes, I am scared of thunder & normally I go under the bed which is same place I go when Hoover monster comes out to eat the dirt ~ Mia

I hide sometimes behind the couch when it thunders but most of the time I don't hear it unless it is really loud ~ Ghost

Shaggy and Scout said...

Hi Blackie, you sure live up to your name!
Thunder doesn't bother any of us, not even Scout. He came home to us on the 4th of July and he wasn't even bothered by the firecrackers!
Mom drives us crazy when she doesn't feed us on time!

CottonMangoLFortunaRGirlGFeather said...

Oh, pick us, pick us.
MOM Plays with the phone cord then gets mad if we want to bite and chew it! She also uploads pictures using a fun little dangly cord. It drives us crazy!!! MEOW!

Thunder is scary. If mom's around, we just hang out listening, but if she's asleep, we hide under the bed.