Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blackie's weightloss progress

Hi from Tannie Man, Mom says thank you to all the nice furry blogger friends for the diet tips for my brother Blackie.

See the photo of Blackie, above, that is him laying near where is food bowl use to be. He is not quite sure what is going on and is showing his feelings by keeping his ears down. Miss S and I think he is napping near where the bowl was to make sure he knows if it comes back. :(

The BBB loved his white ceramic heart decorated food bowl. We discovered something funny about The B--we think he liked the food bowl more that his food. Mom felt bad for him and gave him a spoonfull of his favorite dry food. But he would not eat it because it was not in the ceramic heart bowl. Meow, whats up with that??

Good news...because of The BBB needing to have a cardio workout, Mom has played with us all morning! She did not get on her yucky computer thingy until many hours today! We do not like the thingy that she taps taps taps gets more attention that we do! (Mom, says she is going to the Pet Store today to see about new wet we say THX, we love new stuff to eat, Meow......) xxx ooo Tannie Man =^..^=


Shaggy and Scout said...

Hang in the Blackie! Maybe your momma will serve your wet food in the heart bowl!

The Tart said...

Pic of Blackie with his heart bowl please. Hope he is OK with that... : )

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to the sweet Blackie....he will feel so much better once he drops some lbs....You are a good mom with good friends to help you out!