Friday, September 02, 2005

Houston SPCA, help Animal Victims of Katrina

The Whippy Curly Tails donated to the SPCA, in memory of Spencer, Daniel and AJ's dog. =^..^=

Animal Storm Victims Arrive at the Houston SPCA from Hurricane Katrina. Please help if you can.

The Houston SPCA extended a helping paw once again to animals impacted by disasters in the United States. Sunday morning, crews from the Louisiana SPCA arrived at the Houston SPCA. The evacuation of the Louisiana SPCA brought over 260 animals from their shelter. Due to the hit from Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast region, the Louisiana SPCA moved all animals out of their shelter to the Houston SPCA. They are now accepting animals from those who are staying in Houston Area Shelters. For those needing shelter for their pets, please their hotline at 713-802-0555.

Monetary donations are needed to help them care for the over 260 extra animals in our shelter and to help them help the Louisiana SPCA respond to the needs of the animals still in the area.

Click here if you would like to donate to the Houston SPCA. You can also click here to read Houston's SPCA home page.

Avram at his New Cat City blog provided me with this need, from one of his postings. Thanks Avram!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lyn, this is so very thoughtful of you - we appreciate it.
:) aj xo

Freda said...

Great Lyn. The more bloggers that get the message out and the more organizations highlighted the better off our poor displaced animal friends will be.