Sunday, September 04, 2005

Happy Cat...Zulu's request

All you kitties out there, Zulu and Nanu, there seems to be a trend with your pesky doggy roomies--they drive you crazy! Our mom has been laughing out loud as she reads your comments. Now we may never get her off the computer! Meep. =^..^=

To Zulu kitty here is a picture of me. My human dad caught me in the act of reviewing the status of my furry grey coat. I really love this first I thought it was some strange kitty, but then I realized it was me--Happy Cat.

By the way, I love to sit on this wicker chase lounge that is covered in Finding Nemo beach towels and when no one is looking I have taken to digging out the cheesecloth under every bed and burrow in the box mattress, nice and dark! If I could do anything I wanted I would chase every squirrel I have every seen.... what I would do with those squirrels I don't know, meow!

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babbles said...

What gorgeous pictures of your cats. Heidi was happy with the belated birthday greetings. She is recovering nicely from being in the kennel. Almost back to fighting weight. Maybe one day soon I will let Heidi have a feline companion. Just seems right somehow.
I would share Heidi's picture, but she ate the cables to my digital camera.
I did get a few snaps before she destroyed the camera, but one of my technically adept children will need to put it on my blog.