Thursday, February 16, 2006

PAWTRAITS hints found in the Laundry Room..

Meow all furry friends, Tannie Man here…

Mom told me I could share the hints about our paws to help you win the Pawtraits contest!

First, Blackie did not want to play. He said his paws are off limits, cuz he frew-up a bunch of hairballs recently and was not up to a portrait sitting. We also know he is better, because last night he snuggled up with Mom as she was reading her chick~let book in bed. He always does this when he feels better. Purrs to The BBB!

Blackie is OK now…we hear him munching on his favorite hairball-preventing dry food. Yes in his heart bowl!

Second both Miss S & I are in the Pawtraits. We are both on the very first page of the Pawtraits & next to each other. Our gold paws look great!

Third, Miss S is an even numbered Pawtrait and she is stretching out her paws! Mom was walking by and Miss S did this on the kitchen island to get pets with the wire brush. She loves that!

We love to be with Mom so much, that she had to make us a petting zone in the kitchen. I like to jump up there when Mom is making hot tea in the morning. She talks sweet to me and kisses my head...just between the ears.

Forth, I am an odd numbered Pawtrait and am snuggled up in Mom’s lap with my paws curled up. I have white pawzies too, sorta like white boots with my gold fur on my soft leggs!

Please leave hints for us too! Either on your blog, or in our comments sections. We would much appreciate that.

Tannie Man,
Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!


The Meezers or Billy said...

Did you see the hints on our site? Thank you for your hints - they are a big help!!!!!

=^..^= said...

Thanks for the hints! :) I'll be putting up mine soon. Good luck!

~5-Cat Style

WCTs said...

To: The Meezers & =^..^=,
So glad the hints will help you.
We hope everyone will do the same.
Good luck to all the furries.

I kinda wish I played, but those hairballs got me down!

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

Victor Tabbycat said...

Ok, my beautiful paws aren't all white; I'm just like my Momma, Mittens. For Victor, check out the Victor Winding Up video on the sidebar. Fanks for the hints - I got you now! I already had narrowed Tannie Man to 2 pictures.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We will be posting hints tomorrow morning on our blog!

jenianddean said...

Thanks for your hints. This is so much fun! I've even found new cat blogs to visit...

Unknown said...

Oh boy! This is TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Our mommy (Merlinprincesse) is a Trekkie... And she would say: This is like in Star Trek. Miss S is Like The Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Tannie Man is Number One.... HeeHeeHee.;o)

Freda said...

Hey Tannie Man and the WCT Crew, way down there in the Toasty South,

Good luck in the Pawtraits contest! What a great idea.

I'm glad there are no costumes involved. Even though C=CAT=Costume, I don't think any of us should wear clothes, except when its rainin' or really, really cold.



Anonymous said...

Tannie, you're so darn handsome! And it's clear you're mighty well-loved, too -- as you deserve to be!

(And your human has a Kenmore washer and dryer just like we do...)

Kukka-Maria said...

We've posted cryptic hints (in haiku format) on our blog now for Brach and me.

Now that Mom's feeling better, she is hoping to help us with the contest tonight. Brach and I were so glad the deadline was extended--we needed Mom's help because there are so many paws to organize!