Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy Cat Toils

How many of you kitties out there have this neat toy??

Happy Cat would like to know if you have any tips on catching that little yellow ball....all tips in the comment section are welcome.


Freda said...

And I thought it was a canine Frisbee or a feline flying saucer. Silly me! If I had to get that ball I think a crunch or two would do it but then that would defeat the purpose of the gadget, wouldn't it. Bet it says somewhere in the safety warning NOT FOR BIG DOGS! Just arfing. I think it's a cool toy. If the yellow ball smelled like a vole then I would LOVE it!

Hang in there. You'll wear down that little ball and it will fall right out.



WCTs said...

Happy Cat like the bite the toy in half idea...but is not sure how to do that. He also is working on the pushin is around part....xx oo fm Belle Kitty.

I must go chase him now! =^..^=

andrea said...

Zulu would love this! The cat in the photo looks a lot like her (from this angle). Have you got more photos?