Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tannie has a question for Blogger Friends...

Tannie wants to know:
1. Where is your most favorite place to take a nap?
2. Where would you like to nap if your human friends would let you?
3. If you could do anything you wanted to what would it be?

Kitty & Doggy Bloggers, please leave a comment with your answers!


WCTs said...

Nanu...please go pop that bad Moon Doggy on the head. We knew he was talking crazy talk....good thing you are there to keep order! Thanks for your answers <: -)

By the way our kitty friend, MC, likes to sleep on people too! She is staying with our Mom's mother--Shirl. When Shirl falls off to her evening nap...MC sneaks up and lays on her. Smart kitty!

andrea said...

Posting for Zulu the cat:
1. On the shelf above the computer (there's usually someone keeping me company down there).
2. They let me sleep anywhere!
3. Remove that scum-of-a-dog, Zappa, from the face of the earth! (Or maybe just the house)

Splash said...

1) My favorite place to nap is on the bed but only if mom is there too. Otherwise I am bound by canine union regs to follow her everywhere. Even the bathroom.

2) Technically, I am not a nap kind of guy, I'd rather go somewhere in the CAR. I just love the car.

3) If I could anything I wanted, it would be to go to my instructor's house every morning and every night and train and then eat lots of food in between. Wait, that's what we are doing this weekend!

Freda said...

My favorite place to nap is the closet. I like it there because it is nice and dark and quiet. No distractions to keep me from my nap time. Maybe because it smells like my humans, too.

Ditto for the second Q.

I think hunting voles would be my favorite activity. It keeps my body fit, my mind active and my sniffer in working order.


Freda (Famous Vole Finder!) Just kiddin'.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Hey, good questions:
1.On the blankie at the foot of mom & dads bed.
2.In the sink
3.Go outside without the leash, and go everywhere to explore
1. In the basement: Its cool & quiet
2.Inside the cat food bag.
3.I think I have it all.
1.Wherever I konk out.
2.The kitchen counter.
3.To chase & play with our guinea pigs.

L^2 said...

Leader Dog Willow:
1. My favorite places to nap are on my big comfy beanbag pillow or anywhere near my Laura.
2. I always beg to nap on Laura's bed with her, but I never get to anymore.
3. I'd like to eat human food; chase cats, squirrels or birds; play with a ball, and try all the other stuff I'm not allowed to do because I'm a guide dog--just once.

1. My favorite place to nap is curled up on the cool floor in the corner, under the food storage shelf, by the window in "my room". It's nice and cool there and it smells like my yummy food.
2. I'd LOVE to nap on the furniture: couch, chair, bed, etc.
3. I want to go to work with Mom one day like Willow always gets to do, instead of having to stay home by myself all the time.

DK & The Fluffies said...

1 in my condo

2 on the fridge

3 I'm a cat. I do whatever I want now!